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Quotes from Sean Payton's Friday Press Conference

Sean Payton met with media following Friday's practice

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Post-Practice Media Availability
Friday, November 4, 2016

What's the thought process of leaving a day early for San Francisco?
"It's what we always do."

How gratifying is it to know that sticking to the gameplan can get you a win like what happened vs. Seattle?
"We felt going in it was important to have balance going against that team and it wasn't a situation where we fell behind 20 points and stuck with it. I don't know that we stuck with it. In other words, part of the plan going in is to be able to execute it and credit the players for doing a good job. I thought we blocked up front well and thought we blocked the perimeter pretty well. This is a different type defense. Again, we will have the best plan that we think gives us that chance to win against this team."

How have Willie Snead IV and Brandon Coleman done in that blocking role?
"Good, good they were two guys that did a real good job last week. They're guys that understand the pattern and then they understand technique."

How do you continue to prove yourself as a coach after 10 years in the same place and has there been any of those type moments specifically where you feel a sense of renewal?
"I don't know that there's any one moment. I think it's constantly paying attention to the details. Whether it is the facility, the roster, travel, game plan, I just think all those things go into doing what you think gives your team the best chance to win that week and so I don't know that there's one thing specifically."

Is there a lot of pride how you've rebuilt during this change of culture?
"We're still a work in progress right now and yet I think we've played some better football and yet we still feel like there are a number of things that we can be better at and the key is and it's not a secret it's always getting the right type of people that are willing to put in the work and put team first."

How much versatility can you have with (Delvin) Breaux and Sterling Moore back?
"Those are good football players. We'll see how they are this week."

Is there a scenario where Sheldon Rankins will be activated before tonight?
"We have time, we'll see, usually by Saturday you make those decisions. Those guys received work this week, good work and we'll see where we are at with our roster."

How much of a handful is Ahmad Brooks?
"Good player, very good he has real good instincts. He is long and that can be problematic to the quarterbacks right and you see a lot of ball disruption on naked throws, movement throws that way. He is a real good pass rusher. I think he is a very good player."

What would go into the thought process of either wanting three safeties or three cornerbacks?
"We'll see; I'm not going to get into injuries or gameplans or schemes with you. I understand and appreciate your question."

How much do you feel the momentum and do you harness it?
"You come to work after success, it's already a challenging work week, but when you come to work after you've done some good things and you achieve that week's goal certainly you want to build on that."

How difficult has it been to handle the inconsistency of Dannell Ellerbe's availability?
"I think it was good to see him going last week and I think he brings something to our defense. I know he is getting better and I think we're going to have him down the stretch and we'll see about this weekend."

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