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Quotes from Sean Payton's conference call - November 12, 2018

Head coach Sean Payton spoke to the media on Thursday, Nov. 8

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton - Conference Call With New Orleans Media - Monday, November 12, 2018

What else kind of stood out from yesterday?
"Our third down numbers were good defensively obviously. Offensively when we were in third down, I think we had seven of them on third and three or less. The kicking game was different, relative to the film. We didn't have any punts. We gave up one decent return, outside of that we were good with our field goals. The first and last drives of the game defensively, were the ones that they were able to score on. Overall though, we did the things that we felt that we needed to do in that game to win. It was a good win to get on the road. I felt it was important that we started fast. "

How pleased have you been for this team's ability to compartmentalize things game by game?
"I think it's led to good work during the week in practice. Certainly (when) we've come off a big win the week prior and the concern was coming off a game like that and then turning around and getting started off on a good foot. It's Cincinnati yesterday. This week we'll have a similar challenge, where we're going to be playing a team that needs to win. In our league we saw it last night even on TV. Dallas went into Philadelphia and got a big win. Philly will be one of those teams that, they've got championship pedigree, players that have just finished winning the Super Bowl will be playing in a game that they feel like is vital to win. So we really shift that focus internally to us to work on improving our game and putting together a good week of practice."

Opponents have scored touchdowns on opening drives on the defense in the last three games. Is that a matter of adjustment?
"We just finished talking about it because it's happened after we've opened with the touchdown and you know you'd like to be able to create some separation right away. Starting fast is something we're working on not just offensively, but as well defensively." 

What were positive elements on defense?
"There are a few elements. We disrupted the quarterback. We had four sacks. We got our hands on balls because of that. I thought we contested the throws. Early on in the run game, we misfit a few plays, but then after that, I thought we did pretty good job of fitting the run. But certainly, the turnovers and the pressures I thought helped us a lot."

Did the secondary and front seven work hand in hand yesterday?
"That would be fair. That would be fair to say. I think it happens weekly in our league if you watch games and when you can do that and create that quicker count in the quarterback's head, everyone benefits from it. I think that would be accurate." 

You've scored on 66 percent of your possessions, which would be a historic rate. Why do you think the group has been so consistent?
"There's a lot obviously (that goes into it). We're hoping to have balance. I think our offensive line has played well. We've been consistent rushing the football. I feel like Drew (Brees) is playing at a high level and the younger players are getting up to speed that are in roles whether they're at receiver, running back, tight end. We have to keep looking to try to improve in the areas we feel like we've struggled and quite honestly some of our third down numbers haven't been good. Some of our red zone numbers haven't been good. But I think that having that ability to rush or pass is something that can help."  

What has made the offensive line so special this year especially with some of the fronts you have played?
"Well we've been together healthy. Continuity with Terron (Armstead), (Andrus) Peat, Max (Unger), (Larry) Warford, and (Ryan) Ramcyzk. Those guys have worked together. They're smart and when we've needed to, we've filled in with Josh LeRibeus (at guard) earlier in the year. But I think the time they spent together in playing those positions, I think has been important."

Have you determined the severity of Terron Armstead's injury?
"No. We'll receive more updates on any of the players that were nicked up yesterday, then see how they are, and then see where they're at Wednesday relative to practice." 

What impressed you with Brandon Marshall's workout last week?
"He moved around well. (He's) Smart, he us experienced. He is someone, again, that has been in a number of systems and overall had a good workout. He has good length and size. He's another big target. We'll see how it goes here this week and what our plans are."

Have you brought him in?
"Yes. It's been reported already he's in. And I think it's been reported already we've signed him."

Is this another red zone type of receiver you are trying to bring in after Dez Bryant was placed on Injured Reserve?
"Yes. I thought size was important, but experience and someone that we felt had strong hands (also)." 

When you've played your game, do you watch something like Philadelphia-Dallas live or do you wait for the condensed version?
"So we get back, I think our plane landed probably right when Dallas had the ball on their first drive, seven something – 7:20. By the time you get home, everyone's home. You put the game on and you look at it and you're watching it. Now today, when I turn it on here it will be the coaches tape and then I'll look at last week's (game) and the week before (that). It happens occasionally where you're able to watch an opponent after you play (earlier in the day). But it would be the coaches tape that you're looking at, and rewinding, and studying. The television copy gives you some insight as to maybe who might be playing well, an injury, or how the game unfolded. But the coaches tape would be a little bit more specific relative to what they're doing." 

Do you want to confirm or refute the report that you destroyed a fire alarm before the game?
"I will confirm that I destroyed a fire alarm before the game. Destroyed will be a little bit sensationalist, but clearly we were having issues with the fire alarm at a time relative to 20 minutes to 30 minutes before we were supposed to be out (on the field warming up). It had gone on for ten minutes and I just needed the noise to stop. Gladly take care of the repair costs. I consider the Bengals, the Brown family and that organization as close allies who we have a lot of respect for, the same way with Marvin (Lewis) and it was just something that had gone on and in order for us as we got ready for the game (it) was important (to keep our consistent routine)."

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