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Quotes from Sean Payton 10/13/17

Sean Payton speaks to the media at the Ochsner Sports Performance Center after practice on Friday, Oct. 13

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Media Availability
Friday, October 13, 2017

When they have a player like Haloti Ngata placed on injured reserve, does that affect you in planning?
"I don't think it affects game planning. Obviously you're seeing the same defensive front so it doesn't change the direction you're going. They have depth and a really good front. Obviously he was a really good player and you don't want that to happen. I wouldn't say it changes anything in the preparation for what you're going to do."

What did you see out of (Craig) Robertson when he came in and filled in against the Dolphins?
"I thought he played well. He played early and then played often obviously once the injury (to Alex Anzalone) happened. He's experienced. I thought he's played a lot of regular snaps in our league on first and second down and third down so that's a plus and one of the reasons that we were drawn to him as a free agent a few years ago. He's done a good job."

When you have a quarterback with a quick trigger is disguise an element of maybe slowing him down?
"The element of disguise is easier at home than on the road. That is the silent snap count versus when you're at home you have that added ability to double count and try to let the picture unfold to see what you're going to get defensively. You lose a little bit of that when you're on the road. He (Matthew Stafford) does have a quick release and I think the key is just contesting the throws, especially on third down."

With Terron (Armstead) have you seen the steady progression you were hoping to see?
"He's making progress. (He's) Hanging in there and doing well. It's obviously a significant injury he's recovering from."

Without (Marshon) Lattimore what would you need to see from him before you could be confident to travel with one receiver?
"We'll travel at times depending on our coverage. So it's not like well he's not ready to travel yet. It's really more about what we're trying to get accomplished within the framework of our scheme. But we traveled already and it just depends on the game and specifically their personnel as well."

Has that changed from last season to this season with Michael Thomas where you've kind of saw that change midway through last season how teams chose to defend him?
"We saw it against Detroit a year ago. I think probably at some point in the season, not forgetting Brandin Cooks (and how teams would defend him). Oftentimes it's not like that's the one (much more goes into the decision). Oftentimes it's body type, size and is it a long strider. Is he quick footed? You're trying to, I'm talking defensively now, you're trying to match skillsets and what you think are your best matchups."

You talked about Detroit being 90% on third and four or third and six situations. What do they do on third down in those situations?
"Number one, he has a quick release. Obviously (Golden) Tate is someone who has outstanding with strong hands inside. Oftentimes in third down, your tight end and your inside slots or the running backs (play key roles and) I think have a really good group of backs that are great receivers. They are well-coached and they function well in those situations, as they do in two-minute and some of the hurry-up stuff as well.

Christian McCafferey gave you some issues a few weeks ago. How similar can he and (Theo) Riddick affect the defense?
"They are similar in that they're really good receiving threats. You have to account for them maybe more than just another back in that queen or king position. But certainly Riddick is someone that can tear you up if you're not on point with what you're doing coveragewise. And the challenging thing is sometimes with runners when they're in the backfield it's not like you can press them. Now you can butch with the ends and do something with that. I think that they do a good job with their formations."

Coach Payton doesn't DVD but he does binge watch Ozark on Netflix and Game of Thrones on HBO.

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