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Quotes from Saints quarterback Drew Brees: Week 3 at Atlanta Falcons 9/23/18

On his first rushing touchdown:
"You try to remain a passer, but know in the back of your head this is probably an opportunity to run and get what you can. Normally, you're looking for a place to slide or get down, but in that situation, we needed a touchdown. I felt like I had the opportunity to get in, and it worked."

On what Taysom Hill brings to the Saints:
"It's a huge spark. Obviously, he's an exciting player. He's an explosive player. He can do a lot of things. I think more so than anything is his willingness to do anything and everything he's asked to do. The guy is a quarterback. I think the guy can be a really good quarterback in this league for a long time. But for him to basically do whatever he's been asked to do... 'Hey Taysom, can you cover some kicks?' 'Yes.' 'Taysom, can you block a punt?' 'Yes.' 'Can you run a fake punt?' Right? 'Can you hold? Can you return kickoffs?' And to come in and get us a critical first down and make a momentum-changing play like that, it was off the charts."

On his second touchdown run:
"Well, I wanted to make sure we got in and hold that ball tight. We thought we won it on the previous play, then it gets reviewed and brought back. Just got to get in, however, we can get in."

On the play of Michael Thomas:
"He's a great matchup. He's a guy who knows when the ball is coming to him. He knows where to be. He knows where I want him to be and where the ball is going to be. There's a lot of timing, rhythm, trust, and chemistry that goes into that. That takes time. You go back to his rookie year to now, he has grown and matured and has gone from being a big strong athlete to a guy who has some polish as a receiver and route-running ability and understanding how to set things up. It's a big credit to his work ethic and his approach and his competitive nature."

On breaking Brett Favre's completion record:
"I'm grateful, very grateful. I hope there's a lot more coming. I think of all the people who have had a hand on it. A lot of hands have caught those passes. A lot of guys have blocked to make those completions happen. They all are a part of this."

On whether he thought the blocked punt was a sign of good fortune:
"I guess so. I didn't think about it at the time, but now that you mention it, yes, usually good things happen after that."

On whether he feels pressure to produce against a team with an offense that can score like Atlanta:
"No more than you normally feel. I always think about controlling our offense, leading our offense, creating tempo and rhythm for our offense, making good decisions, putting guys in position to succeed, getting to the right call that's going to give us the best chance to possess the ball and go down and score points. My mindset doesn't change. You just know that each opportunity is so valuable."

On the play of younger players:
"I'm excited for Tre'Quan Smith's future. I'm excited for Cam Meredith's future. Austin Carr made a big catch. Both tight ends are just grinders. Ben [Watson] and Josh [Hill] do whatever they're asked to do. Everybody has a hand in this."

On Ben Watson:
Ben Watson is such a security blanket for me, a guy who I've, even though he hasn't been here in two years, we've had all that time from those three years together, '13, '14, '15, and man, he's such a pro. He's got such great feel for the game and just love his demeanor, his work ethic and his approach. Everything about him. There's not a more respected guy on the team than Ben.

On Matt Ryan's performance:
"His performance today was pretty uncanny. He was off the charts. I've got so much respect for Matt. What he's been able to accomplish, what he continues to accomplish. You know every time you play a guy like that, an elite guy like that, you've got to be your absolute best because you know what he's going to be doing on the other side of the ball. Ton of respect for Matt."

On his success with the quarterback sneak throughout the years:
"I think you kind of just pick and choose your moments. Got a lot of good plays, got a lot of good short yardage plays, got a lot of good goal line plays, you know. You try to mix and match what you're doing, and then when you feel like there's an opportunity, you jump on it."

On where today's rushing touchdown(s) ranks among the rest:
"That was pretty high. I don't know if I've ever had a game-winner."

On the first rushing touchdown:
"I like that I'm getting touchdown runs confused. Rarely does this confusion happen. I don't know. Just the situation of the game. [It] ties the game, just the momentum that it gives our sideline. The defense goes out there and stops them, and we get the ball in overtime and game over, so it was a special one for sure.

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