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Quotes from Saints players: Week 3 at Atlanta Falcons 9/23/18


On the Falcons defense being less than full strength:
"We knew they had some players out, so we just had to take advantage of the looks that were presented to us and I think we did."

On what it's like to play against the Falcons near his hometown:
"It's another game. From the high school to NFL is different. It is what it is. It's a game."

On the importance of controlling the game with the run:
"It was big."


On what it takes to win division games:
"Yeah. Win the game, man, whatever it takes. Whatever you've got left, leave it out there on that field. It's a tough division. We all know how important division games are in this league to get where we're trying to get. We've got to lock in and execute."

On how he feels after the win:
"It's exhaustion, but it's a different type of exhaustion. You left it all out there and you won the game. Mission accomplished, so we're exhausted, but that's what comes with it sometimes to get the job done."

On coming from behind to win the game:
"It's great. It's great to respond during adversity. A couple calls didn't go our way. We had some spark plays [such as] the blocked punt. We decided to come back. We didn't want to beat ourselves."


On Drew Brees' spin move:
"It was great. Reminds me of [Alvin] Kamara. He spins out of a lot of stuff. He's one of the greatest athletes that I've been around. For him to pull that ball down and run, that's just another element to his game."

On today being a team win:
"It's always great. That's what this team is, man. It's just not a one-man show. It's an every-man show. Sometimes some guys just get more. It's like that. Every job is like that. The times that we come out and we put it all together, man, it just shows who we are."

On Taysom Hill:
"I love Taysom. Taysom is one of the guys that comes in every day. They don't care where you put him. He's going to play and he's going to battle his ass off no matter what. For a guy to come in as a QB and play every position on the field, offense, defense, special teams, whatever you want to say. That's real big leadership. I commend him for it."

On what the win means moving forward:
"Just keep building. We're a team. We know what we've got in this room. We know what we've got in this locker room. We've got to just keep going out. Every game isn't going to be the same. Every week isn't going to be the same. We've got to just go out and play to play."


On helping the team win:
"To have the opportunity to be on the field with these guys and Drew [Brees] is a great experience for me. I love it. Anything I can do to help this team win I'm all about."

On playing multiple roles for the Saints:
"I think it's unique. You don't see a lot of guys go in and have different jobs to return kicks or whatever it is. When the team sees a guy that's willing to do whatever it takes to win and help the team, I think it's contagious. I think also because of that I'm on a lot of different teams with a lot of different guys on this team. I've got relationships with everyone."

On game day being hectic for him especially:
"Yeah. Gameday can be a little stressful. Making sure you're always alert and always ready to go, but I wouldn't want it any other way."


On Drew Brees spin move touchdown:
"Drew is a freak. In case you all failed to realize, Drew Brees is a freak athlete and I wasn't surprised he made those guys miss, but I was really happy for him."

On Brees' performance today:
"Matt Ryan played a great game today, but I love number nine. I love the way he operates, I love the way he prepares, and he inspires everyone to play better. He's on point with all of his throws, so he is a huge reason why we won the game. But again, it's three games and we have got a long way to go."

On Taysom Hill bringing "extra juice" when he's on the field:
"I call him [Michael] Vick. Anytime he gets his hands on the ball, he can take it the distance. He's an incredible athlete with being able to play so many positions. His other nickname is slash, like Kordell Stewart. He can play receiver, returner, quarterback, running back. He can do it all. It is really a tribute to him to be able to process all those different positions that he's asked to do during the game."


On how nice the win was:
"A win is a win is a win. We talk about being able to close it out in Atlanta. We hope to do that at the end of a good playoff run this year."

On how he feels after the game:
"I am reinvigorated. I want to get better now. I wish we could go out to practice now because there are so many things that we need to clean up. There was that random call with the field goal situation that I want to look at. There's clearly some plays that we can definitely improve upon. I think there was a ball that hit me in the forearm, and I wish I could have ran that back and had it hit me in the hands. There was a potential sack at the end of the game where I pinned Matt Ryan's arm down and he switched the ball in his hands. He made a hell of a play and I was trying to close out the game. You talk about our defense and letting up that many points, I'm never going to be happy about that. There are so many things we have to improve upon, and I'm just ready for Monday."

On winning the coin toss to receive first in overtime:
"Anytime you give the ball to our offense and we have as many weapons on our offense as we do, you're not worried. Ain't no problem. Ain't no problem."

On the defensive stop at the end of regulation:
"It was huge, huge. There was a lot of pressure the first three plays, and we got the ball back to send it to overtime. That's what our defense wants to happen. We would love to say that I hate that it had to go that far. Had we got off on a field goal, had we went down and scored to stop overtime. That's something that we have to focus on next week. There is so much stuff we have to clean up. But a win is a win and we are 2-1."


On blocking the punt:
"You've got to win against your man, and I won. I got to the block point and saw the punter didn't have it out yet. I was right in his lap. I could have blocked it with my knee. It was just right there."

On the importance of the blocked punt:
"It was huge. Before the game, we said one of the keys was winning the turnover battle. You get a blocked punt, and that's the same thing as a turnover. Somebody had to make a play. I went out there and said, 'Why not me?'"

On what was going through your head during the blocked punt:
"When I'm out there, I've got to rush as hard as I can. Once I win, then I look up and see where I'm at and if I'm at the block point. But you've got to win first. You don't have enough time to see if the punt is developing slowly or what direction the punt is going."

On the play of the New Orleans defense today:
"We've just got to get better as a whole. Any of the plays that went deep were just as much on the front four as they were on the back end of the defense. We've got to get more pressure. On play actions, we've got to read that quicker. We're going to go back to the film room, see what we can improve on and carry that over to the next week."


On getting his first career sack:
"Really I'm mad because I just wanted more. It's cool, I'll think about it later. I haven't really thought about it yet. I'm just thinking about what I didn't do and what I want to improve on, but you know overall it's cool. I'm happy I can contribute."

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