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Quotes from Saints players' postgame press conference - Preseason Game 3 vs Los Angeles Chargers


On how the game started and his performance:

"It was fine. It was a little sluggish start. It took us a little while to get going but it was nice to punch one in, in the beginning of the second quarter. We had a plan in place for me to play a certain amount of snaps and that's the amount of snaps I played. You know, once you get in the flow of things you start having fun. "

On being taken out after throwing the touchdown:

"You want to end on a high note. We got a lot of work done at this camp. We got a lot of work done this week with the Chargers and practicing with them for a few days. I would have liked to have scored more than once tonight. We had a couple opportunities but it took me a few drives to get going. [I am] glad we were able to get the points we got and spread it around. Everybody got some touches and overall I think it was a good night."

On his pick in the first quarter:

"I forced it. I got a little aggressive to start the game."

On the wide receiver depth chart:

"You wish you can keep seven or eight. I think there are seven or eight that deserve that. I don't know how many we will keep in the receiver position. Some of that the depends on what is happening elsewhere and what type of special teams contributions or return contributions they make as well. We will see how it all shapes out. Whoever we do decide to move forward with, the roles will be clear and define and we will be ready to move forward."

On the seven to eight wide receivers he wants to keep and how that compares to past seasons:

"I feel like there are some guys who have been in the system a little bit and maybe they have two years of practice squad experience under their belt or a year of playing of a limited role. Bottom line is that they have a couple years in our system and they become more confident and have more of a comfort level, not just in the system but with me. I feel like I have good chemistry with a lot of guys and I wish we can keep them all."

On WR Austin Carr's performance:

"I think he has come along ever since last year. Even though everything was pretty much set with the depth chart last year, he had a few opportunities last year, not many. I think he has made the most of his opportunities this preseason. He made some good plays tonight."

On the sluggish start and if he was referring himself or the team:

"I think all of us. I know I did, but just talking with some guys to start it didn't feel like we had the tempo that we usually do. The execution wasn't on point like we wanted, so that's what I meant by that."

On if being sluggish during preseason is normal:

"Yeah, I think you've got to shake off the rust a little bit. You know, get in the light and start playing games again."

On how much work he needs to be ready by the time the regular season rolls around:

"However many snaps I get."

On if he would be able to be thrown in week one without any preseason snaps:

"No. I like getting reps. I like my reps in practice and in the preseason and we've had a very good plan ever since I've been here. I think the preseason strategy has changed as I've kind of made my way through my career with the Saints. Last year was the first year where I only played one preseason game and that's kind of what we did again this year. This preseason, I'm not sure if I'll play in the fourth one or not. In years past there, was a time when it was all four, and then it became three, and then it became two and now it's one. So just understanding that there's a lot of young guys trying to get reps, they're trying to get [QB] Taysom Hill some reps, [QB] JT Barrett will probably get a lot of reps next week, so there's just a lot of guys that need to get reps and evaluate and help get some experience."

On QB Taysom Hill's performance:

"Real impressive. It was funny because before he went in the game, I had watched him make a special teams tackle. I had watched him convert a fake punt for a first down. He gets in there and I say to [RB] Mark Ingram, "Hey, if he can run for a touchdown and throw a touchdown, he will have done all these things in this game." Then sure enough, he runs for one and he throws for one. Can't say enough about him. Just his contributions to the team and his mindset, his work ethic, his unselfishness, whatever he can do to help this team. He wants to play quarterback. He loves quarterback. He's making strides in developing a comfort level with this offense and with the guys that he's playing with, but can you imagine the load that's on you as a quarterback and then couple that with being a four core special teams guy. You know there's a lot on that guy's plate and he has handled it as well as anybody can handle it. I think that's why he's so respected by the entire team and I love being in the same room with the guys."


On what he could have done better:

"I'm a really tough critic, so I would say I did okay. I could have done some things better like finishing on the quarterback, closing better and using more rush moves."

On if the speed of the game surprised him:

"No, it was fine."

On how good it felt to be in his first game:

"I was nervous pregame, but actually getting out there helped me calm down and I was really just happy to go play with my teammates, like actually play."

On if it was a surprise going in earlier than scripted:

"It's kind of weird, it happened exactly like my freshman year in college. We were driving down the field and something happened, and then they called me up and I was like dang that's cool, I'm in it."

On adjusting to a three-point stance:

"Yea, I still have to work on it. Sometimes I have to refine my technique because of how I change it up, sometimes I make adjustments in the game but it's going pretty good."

On making a play early on:

"Honestly, I saw it and was like wait, they did the same thing in practice. I was running and was like he's not going to get me this time, then he cut up and I was like oh no, but I was able to make the tackle and it was cool."


On what he'll remember most about the way he played tonight:

"I think overall, in the long run, I want to play quarterback. I think being able to operate efficiently and effectively inside this offense has always been my mindset this training camp. It's fun to able to go and add value. I think it creates some unique bonds. I have some great friends on the team and being able to run down on kickoff, punt and punt return, all that stuff, is a ton of fun. I think, overall, just being able to be out on the field in different capacities was really memorable tonight."

On his emotions this week and last week:

"I think everyone that has played the position in their career can look back and see highlights and can see games where they think 'man, I'd love to have that game back and I can do better.' I'll look at this tape and say the same things. I can do better but look at some things to say I did well. I think, overall it's having the same mentality in staying cognizant is something that [QB] Drew [Brees] does really well. I had the unique opportunity to see him do that all season last year. He's been a great mentor."

On what goes through his mind during the punt fake:

"Get the first down. I think as a player you dream of those situations. I know it's a preseason game but to be able to go out and add value to keep the chains moving and to give Drew the ball again just makes us really tough to beat when you can steal possessions that way. I know that if we get the first down we'll continue to call fakes. That was really my mindset. I think everyone here knows Coach Payton is aggressive and Coach Westhoff and Coach Banta show that same mentality."

On the option plays:

"The first one definitely was an option. [Los Angeles] played it pretty well. I think they saw it in preseason crashing in and the backer spilled. I was able to get it in the end zone. The second one was more of let's run the ball here. When you have that threat and see the contained player come off the field, [it] allowed [RB] Boston Scott to get through an arm tackle and convert. It's just keeping the defense on their toes and giving them different looks. It's effective."


On his pick-six:

"I saw the receiver and he was running toward me like he was trying to set the deep route, I knew the ball had to come out quickly so I just stopped on it, looked back at the quarterback, made the play, ran for the touchdown and celebrated with my teammates in the end zone."

On how he picked up that play:

"It's something that you've seen if you watched the teams last year, it's something they did and we did it in practice when we were going against the Chargers, they did it against us as well so I know if I got the opportunity I was going to bring the whole team with me to celebrate together."

On training camp:

"It's playing catch-up, it's difficult at the beginning but we have some great coaches who just help you out and put you in places where you can make plays. They're helping you after practice, after meetings they're keeping you in there just so you can catch up and be on pace with the other guys. I mean, it's difficult at first but once you get going, I've been playing for a while so I can pick up on certain things very quickly so it helps out a lot."

On his past year:

"It's been a grind but I mean I always have faith that if I just keep working hard, if I keep doing my job, something is going to happen and when I got that call from the Saints, I was like I want to make sure I make the most of it and they kept me here and I love the guys, I love the coaches, I love my teammates and they brought me in coming off the market so that was pretty funny at the time when I first got here everybody was looking at me like, 'who are you?' It's cool though. I like it when we are all in the locker room. But like you said, being from the Jets, being with Houston last year, to here now I mean it's just been a movement from state to state really. I don't want to say it's been hard but it's just been a little process that you know happens in this league."

On being let go from the Jets:

"At the time I was but I can't dwindle on it, I mean I just have to keep pushing forward and just keep getting better and keep working on my crafts so that the next team can see what I have"

On taking away the thunder from the other pick-six:

"Well, I actually came to him. I said I feel bad because you never want to take away a guy's touchdown, I mean, me personally, I thought it was a bad call. I thought I got there right on time, but [MLB] Craig [Robertson] looked at me when I got the interception and he said, 'Man, you made up for it and that's all that matters.'"

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