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Quotes from Saints players following the Week 10 game against the Cincinnati Bengals

New Orleans Saints players recap their Week 10 game against the Cincinnati Bengals



What happened on the interception?

"I don't know what happened. I was just trying to make a play, the ball was in the air and I made it. Credit goes to all our guys who are just doing their jobs. The defensive line is doing a great job of getting to the quarterback, the linebackers are doing a good job of covering, the corners are doing a good job of covering."

Did you think you were going to take that all the way back?

"I always think I'm going to take every one back, but it ain't ever happened yet. But I think I'm going to get one one day."

How did it feel out there today?

"It felt like we were dominating. We can always do better. We'll look at the film. Every time we go out there we don't want them to score. That's our mentality."

What's it like for the defense when you see the offense playing like that?

"Yeah, you know they're going to do their thing every week. We just got to come out there and do our job. Every play is a chance for us to stop them or get a turnover and get the ball back on offense."

Do you guys feel like you guys are hitting your stride with the turnovers?

"Every week is a new week. We get out there at practice and try and get those turnovers, and try and get them in the game and get some momentum going. We work so hard in practice that we want to make it happen in the game."

How big was the pass rush today?

"They're big every day. They practice it in practice, and then they come out here and execute."


Running backs

You both threw up the "X" today when you scored touchdowns. Why did you do that?

Ingram: "Dez (Bryant), man, he came in right away and he was just one of the guys. We were all excited about him being a part of our team. Great playmaker, good dude, and we all hated to see what happened on Friday. We just want to let him know he's still part of us and we're holding him down."

He was only on the team for like 36 hours ...

Kamara: "Like Mark said, he was just one of the guys when he came in. He just came in the room, and wanted to make plays and be a part of it. It's unfortunate any time anybody gets hurt. You don't want to see that — especially a player of his caliber. We wanted to show love to him."

Can you describe this offense right now?

Kamara: "Savage."

Ingram: "Oooooo, savage. Some dogs. Dogs — the whole squad. Not just offense, the whole squad."

Mark, how big was it for you to get over 100 yards today?

Ingram: "Man, all glory to God. I'm grateful. I've been working my butt off. I'm just trying to take advantage of my opportunities. When my number gets called, and I have an opportunity to make some plays, I just try to do my job and make that happen."

Is it hard to get in football shape when you're not out there playing the game?

Ingram: "There's no exception to playing with pads and a helmet on and getting hit, but I feel like I was in good shape — the best shape I could've possibly been in without playing a game. Like I said, I just want to thank the Lord for blessing me with health, blessing me with a good team, and being able to contribute. So, thank you."

A lot of people thought this could be a trap game for you guys and you could overlook this Bengals team that is banged up. What was the mentality coming into this game?

Kamara: "Trap game? Our mentality is focusing on winning, focusing on this locker room, and focusing on this team. We're not worried about the other side of the ball, whoever else we're playing. We're worried about us. We had a good week of preparation to do what we needed to do. And we did what we said we were going to do all throughout the week. I don't think this team is the type of team that's worried about a trap game I guess."

We talked about this with you guys last year. We were having the same conversations, you're on a win streak here. Is there anything different about this team this year from what you experienced last year?

Kamara: "It's a new year. That was 2017, this is 2018. That's all I've got to say."

What does it say that you scored on every possession? That hasn't happened in a long time in the NFL ...

Ingram: "Every time we got on the ball, we tried to make it happen. We're focused on us. We know if we do our job, everybody does their job, everybody executes, nobody has to be superman, nobody has to be the hulk — you just have to be the best you. I think that's what we had on this team — everybody doing their jobs and executing their jobs. Once we do that we'll be alright."


Wide receiver

The tribute to WR Dez Bryant out there today — it was pretty cool to watch. Can you talk about who came up with it?

"We sacrifice so much to play this game. Dez is a competitor. He brought new life the first time he entered our locker room, and we appreciated him. When you go through something like that, you know you've got to have your brother's back. We're here to support him, and we wanted to show that off with our play."

This team has been clicking on all cylinders with a ton of playmakers. Talk about what's been going on here ...

"The week of preparation, we're keeping ourselves real honest, we're going hard after a week of preparation and practice getting ready for these teams. We're not underestimating any team. We're just coming in and playing confidently and playing together."

Were you surprised at all by how easy this was today?

"Credit to my offensive coordinator, and the offensive personnel, and the quarterback under center. It was a complete win —we played together. That's what happens when you execute at a high level. We're always trying to play a perfect game."

It seems like this offense is getting better each week. What is it like being involved in this? At times it looks like you guys are unstoppable ...

"We won't compliment ourselves or anything. We'll just keep doing what we're doing, keep ascending in the right direction, and keep taking steps in the right direction and see where we end. I love playing with these guys, we love playing for each other. We definitely have something special going on. We're just going to keep seeing how far we can take it."

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