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Quotes from Saints players following the divisional round playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles 

New Orleans Saints players recap their divisional round playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, Jan. 13

New Orleans Saints vs Philadelphia Eagles - Divisional Playoff Game - Mercedes-Benz Superdome - Sunday, Jan. 13

CB Marshon Lattimore

On shutting out the Eagles after first quarter:
"We just had to settle down. It took us a minute to settle in and just play, execute everything that we were doing. But once that second half came I think they only had 50 passing yards in the second half. We really locked in and turned up. We played with some swag in the second half. And I love when we be like that. Our defense is better when we play like that."

On being down 14 and making adjustments:
"We really didn't make too many adjustments. We just started playing better and we were executing everything that we called. So we didn't really make too many adjustments, we just knew we had to go in and play with some swag and be vicious with the receivers."

On feeding off the crowd:
"Most definitely. It was probably the loudest I've heard the dome. When we played Carolina (Panthers) last year it was pretty loud, but this time it was loud. And we love that. We love the crowd being in the game with us. And that helps give that extra push to get the job done."

WR Michael Thomas

On connecting with Drew Brees in long yardage situations:
"We just keep going. When we come out there, we feel like no one can stop us. I just feel like we keep building every week. I have his back and he has my back. We have a thing and it's hard for the other team to stop."

On his performance today:
"It's win or go home. I do whatever it takes. If you are double or tripled team, it doesn't matter. You just have to do your job. You just need to concentrate on what you are doing and things will open up. We have a lot of preparation during the week. We responded. I don't know if it was a breakout game, but you just go out and make plays when your number is called."

On if the Eagles played him differently this time around:
"When they played us the first time, I had a decent game. I just watched the film. I had to beat whoever was in the way and go out and catch (the ball). When it's third down and the ball is coming to me, then I have to convert. I have to make a play. I don't really pay attention to how they are playing me. I just have to run my route and do what I have to do to get open."

RB Alvin Kamara

On the crowd helping the team today on defense:
"It was loud. Mark (Ingram II) turned to me and said that it was the loudest he ever heard it. You hear it and then you look up at the screen and the decibels are high."

On what got them going after a slow start:
"We are the New Orleans Saints. We prepared all week. We started slow and sometimes that happens, but we stayed on it. We stuck to our game plan and we were able to execute. We got our offense going and the defense played huge."

On the defenses' play:
"It was huge. They stood up when they needed to stand up."

On the 11-minute plus touchdown drive:
"We were just focusing on play after play after play. We are not really looking at the time. At the end of the drive, we realized we took up 18 plays and basically the whole quarter. That is a sign of a great offense. You hold the ball and control it and then score. That was a huge drive."

RB Mark Ingram II

On the crowd helping the team today:

"It was huge. I saw the meter get to 128, 130. I have never seen it get that high. They brought it and we are going to need it all of the way through the playoffs. We appreciate it Who Dat nation."

On the defense's play:

"It was huge. They had the pick early that stole the momentum. They had the pick late that helped us finish it. They played big boy ball today."

On advancing to the NFC Championship game:

"Both teams are great. We had a shootout last time. We are just going to focus on what we have to do to have a great game plan. We'll prepare and get ready for next week."

QB Taysom Hill

On the fake punt:
"They were kind of late getting lined up and we liked our matchup there. Coach Payton and Coach Westhoff have a lot of trust in our guys up front. We knew that we could do it. We knew that we needed to create momentum for ourselves."

On if he had the final call:

On the guts of the fake punt call:
"It's a gutsy call. It's Coach Payton. That's become the norm. He has a good feel for the team and he has a lot of trust is us and our preparation. That's a look that we thought we were going to get and we did. I wasn't going to be denied"

LB Demario Davis

On advancing to the NFC Championship:
"It's unreal when you think about it. We had a goal at the beginning of the season. At first, we wanted to make it to the playoffs. Then, we wanted to get the one seed, but you have to win out. It's single elimination. We are one step closer to our goals, but there is still a long way to go. It feels good to get the win."

On settling in after the first quarter:
"They are a phenomenal offense. They have a lot of good weapons. They have a really good quarterback. They have a good offensive coordinator who knows how to move the ball around and keep you on your toes. They had us reeling early on. We stayed true to our goals. We were able to stop the run, get a little pressure on the quarterback and get some takeaways. Those two takeways by Marshon (Lattimore) were huge. They were game changing. It was the trump card."

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