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Quotes from Saints head coach Sean Payton: Week 3 at Atlanta Falcons 9/23/18

On the overall performance of both teams:
"[It] went back and forth quite a bit. Credit our players and their players as well. Guys were tired but fortunately, we were able to get the coin toss and put together a good drive."

On who is the better runner between Drew Brees and Taysom Hill:
"Each week there is a few things we can do with Taysom [Hill]. He's been a valuable addition to the kicking game just as much as he has been offensively. Drew's play was a big play. We just have to stick to our rule of thumb, waiting until the fourth quarter."

On his confidence going into overtime:
"You want to, but you ask my staff, I yell at everyone during the drive. The offensive line really played well. We won the rushing battle and won a lot of the things that generally go to the winning team. Guys all made big plays when we needed them."

On his reaction of Drew Brees' touchdown run:
"It felt like it hurt me more watching him. It was a good run."

On the player's mental exhaustion towards the end of the game:
"Momentum is there and you hold onto it. We came in with the mentality that we were going to win. Sometimes it goes against what the numbers say you should do. We had a series of big plays that were important."

On the Saints being on the wrong side of too many big plays:
"You have to start by crediting them. You can't have guys running through the defense, like guys like Julio Jones. But we got some of the key stops when we needed it. I thought we played their run outstanding and that allowed us to win the game."

On the blocked punt:
"That was a huge play. We almost got another one at the end but those are all parts to a win like this."

On Calvin Ridley:
"He is a talented player. He got behind P.J. [Williams] with a double move with the first touchdown and got on top of him with heavy play action."

On how the punt block came together:
"There's times when we rush a punter and times where all of a sudden we block a punt. I think that it is a lot of confidence in our teams and I think that players feed off of moments like that to help you win the game."

On the Saints complimentary pieces within the team:
"I think there were a lot. They were all necessary. A number of guys stepped up, [I] thought we blocked them well and it was a good team win."

On LB A.J. Klein pressuring QB Matt Ryan:
"It was huge and we got the hurry. It's a real good offense so it was good to get the win, especially in a hard-fought game."

On the penalties called:
"We'll look at each one of them. The problematic one in a game like this was I thought they were offsides on Drew's sack early in the game. You have to begin to tune it out and focus on getting the win."

On the Saints play calls:
"I felt like we were rushing the ball well enough. We had some outside plays, we got off tackle but I didn't like our goal line sequence. We ended up going for it and scoring but it bothered me. I thought we had some yards left out there but the guys out front blocked it really well. I didn't feel handcuffed one-dimensionally. I felt we had a pretty good balance."

On QB Taysom Hill:
"We have a number of things we can do with him. When you take 46 with you to the game it's a smaller number. He is someone that is smart and loves playing football. He brings the juice to special teams."

On the different options in the Saints offense:
"The team has to be able to fit the talents of your players and not the other way around. With Taysom [Hill] there is a package there. We'll build on what we can do with it. He was a big part of today's game.

On Taysom Hill as a blocker:
"I like him as a blocker. I like him in other areas, but I like him as a blocker a lot."

On defensive series before the end of regulation:
"It was huge because there is a lot of things going through your mind. It goes back and forth. I think 3 timeouts where the ball was at was a long time in our league. It is a matter of the downs not the matter of the time if you're looking at a 40-yard landmark for Matt Bryant."

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