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Quotes from Saints GM Mickey Loomis' Senior Bowl interview

Loomis on Drew Brees contract: 'We’ll make it happen'

Can we start with Drew (Brees), is there a certain date in your mind that you'd like to say things were signed, sealed and delivered at a certain point?

"I don't know if there's a target date, obviously we want to get him signed and get him to be our quarterback for as long as he wants to be our quarterback. I'm not anticipating any problems, I know Drew wants to be with the New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans Saints want Drew Brees, we'll make it happen."

Is it because you've done this twice with him before, you get to a comfort level, a certain level of respect with him so you know 'Hey, this is going to work itself out.'?

"I don't want to be that casual about it, it's important to them and it's important to us. There's no casualness about it. He's been our quarterback for a long time and it's been a great thing for our city and a good thing for our team obviously. I'm anticipating he's going to continue that. He's stated that he wants to be our quarterback so that's good."

As far as events like this (Senior Bowl), I know the last two drafts have been extremely successful for you all, is this where the genesis of that begins?

"I would say the genesis of that begins with our area scouts and our college scouting department pounding the pavement in the season, starting in August. This is more toward the back end of the process than the front end. It is the first introduction for myself and Sean (Payton) if he were here. But it began a long time before this."

Sean made no secret of the interest you all had in Patrick Mahomes, because Drew is 39, even with the new contract, do you look at these guys more closely because of his age?

"I think that we've been examining the quarterbacks for a number of years now with the idea of let's get some guys in the pipeline that can be developed. I think we're always in the business of quarterbacks. And look, we like the guys we've had this year, Chase (Daniel) and Taysom (Hill), behind Drew, but you're always looking at the guys that are going to be available. You never know who may drop to you or who may be available at a pick where you might value a quarterback. I think that we've paid serious attention to quarterbacks for a number of years."

Is there a lot of depth at that position? There is a lot of talk that there is a lot of depth at that position in this class.

"I can't tell you that right now, like I said, this is kind of my first introduction. We'll see, this is part of the process of evaluation; our college staff, Jeff Ireland and our group will assess that as we go forward."

Can you explain how meetings go with players, is there a certain number of meeting you can have?

"We've been here for two days and Monday we had 14 straight hours of interviews. We have appointments that we set up and we get to spend 20-30 minutes with each guy and we walk them through a lot of questions, get them talking a lot, give them a little football test and it gives them a better feel for them off the field. We'll get (interview) the majority of the players here over the course of the week. Our guys do a good job of that. It's the same process and same interview process that we go through at the combine, we just get a little more time here."

You've watched the practices, can you walk us through what the rest of your day will be like?

"We've looked at the practices and this evening we have a number of appointments with players. They have meetings too, we have to work around their schedules, then we'll have a group of guys come in tonight and continue the interview process. Our scouting staff will be here through the week."

Do you look at players and say, 'This guy reminds me of this person..' is that fair? People look at Baker Mayfield and say he looks like Drew Brees.

"I think part of that process when you're going through these college players is to see who he's like. That's one of the questions, "Who is he compared to?" It helps you develop a vision of that player for your team. I think that's fair to do that. We're not always right about it but it's fair."

Obviously a successful season this year, everybody's optimistic but I think Sean (Payton) said, "It's not a utopia," is the feeling the same in your department? Knowing we've had success but we want to have sustained success.

"Nothing is promised, right? Our team next year will be different from the team this year, there will be some new guys and some players that will go and some that come in and our opponents will be different, the circumstances will be different. Hopefully the injury rates will be different, in our favor. I don't think you can ever look at anything you've done and say that's promised for the future. We're always looking to improve our process. Our guys have gotten a lot of credit for this last draft class but we've made plenty of mistakes and we need to learn from those and try not to repeat them."

What do you think your process will be this year?

"I think every year is different partly because of who's available. We haven't got that decision yet, we're just going through our off season process, evaluations, needs for ourselves and seeing who's available. It's too early for me to say we're going to approach it in one way or another, I like to think that we're open and smart enough to approach problems in different ways and find different solutions given what's available."

"I'm not going to talk about individual player because I don't think that's fair to do and I think it's too early to do anyway."

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