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Quotes from Saints 6th round draft pick Kamrin Moore

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New Orleans Saints Defensive Back Kamrin Moore

Conference Call with New Orleans Media

Saturday, April 28, 2018



What was your reaction to be drafted by the Saints?

"(It's) About time Honestly that's how I felt honestly. But I'm just eager to play football at this point."

Where did you think you would get picked?

"I wasn't sure honestly. I was hearing anywhere from third round to seventh, but hey I'm just glad to be a Saint now."

What kind of interaction did you have with the Saints before the draft?

"We talked a lot. I had a great interview at the senior bowl. They ended up coming out to work me out after my pro day. We were in a fair amount of communication."

What were the kind of discussions you had with them? What did they talk to you and what did they say they liked about you?

"They liked my versatility, football IQ, toughness and ability to tackle in space."

Can you describe that versatility and what spots do you feel comfortable playing?

"I can play any spot in the back end honestly. I played outside and inside in college and I have the ability to play free safety if necessary."

What was the injury that ended your season and how are you on the rehab?

"I ended up having shoulder surgery. I'm good now. I have been cleared by my doctors. I went back to Indianapolis for physical recheck (and) all the NFL team's doctors cleared me as well. I'm full go."

Didn't you have a leg injury in college too though right?

"Yeah I did. I suffered a fractured tibia in 2015."

Do you have any ties to New Orleans and have you ever been down here?

"No I've never been down there."

Who is the best wide receiver you covered in college and how were you going against them?

"The best receiver I'd probably say Mike Williams. He didn't have any catches on me so I think I did well."

What's your special teams experience and how much were you playing and how big of a role did you play?

"I was a four-year starter on special teams. That is how I got on the field as a freshman early. I played all four phases throughout my college career. I have plenty of experience."

What in particular what role on special teams?

"I've played kickoff. I play gunner. I play gunner control. I played on kickoff return."

What are some things Saints fans might be interested to find out about you?

"Just my ability to adapt and make plays, how fast I learn and move the pace of the game."

Do you see special teams as a way to kind of make your mark in the NFL right away too?

"Yeah. Hundred percent."

Do you know about Marshawn Lattimore or any other Saints defensive backs?

"Yeah I'm familiar with a lot of them actually."

Do you just watch the tape or what do you see from those guys?

"I think they're a talented group they have guys that can play like literally interchangeable positions where you've got guys like Ken Crawley, Marshon Lattimore, P. J. Williams in the slot or come down to play safety. I mean I watched those guys for quite a bit honestly. Marshon Lattimore is actually one of the guys I watch a lot just because I like the way he plays the game."

Do you know anyone on the Saints?

"I know Ken Crawley. He's from D.C. We never really officially met, but we talked to each other through social media several times. Just about the process of all this, combine stuff, draft day stuff all of that."

When did you start watching Marshon Lattimore?

"I watched him ever since he was in college at Ohio State. His last year at Ohio State is when I really started to tune into his tape and not just TV copies I'm talking about actual game tape."

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