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Quotes from Saints 5th round draft pick Natrell Jamerson

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New Orleans Saints Defensive Back Natrell Jamerson

Conference Call with New Orleans Media

Saturday, April 28, 2018



How did you react when you found out you were drafted by the Saints?

"I started crying."

How much contact did you have with the Saints in the pre-draft process?

"I had some contact. Coach AG (Aaron Glenn) he worked me out and Nick Nelson out and gave me a lot of positive feedback during the whole workout and film work."

Did you start your career at Wisconsin as a receiver?

"Yes, I came in as a freshman playing receiver."

Why did you make the switch to defensive back?

"I always felt DB was my home positon. I (envisioned in) college playing DB. After the first season before I could call the coordinator to talk to him about it he called me talked to me about switching. That's kind of how that happened."

Do you consider yourself a safety or are you more of a nickel or hybrid?

"Honestly I just consider myself a football player. I can play all the positions from corner to nickel to safety. Wherever the Saints want to see me at is where I'll be at."

Are special teams a big part of your game?

"Yes, special teams are a big part. I've been playing special teams since my freshman (year). Whether it was returning kicks or holding up on punt returns. Special teams have always been important and I take it very serious."

Did Wisconsin use you in a blitzing role a lot and how comfortable are you in a role like that?

"Yeah, I'm very comfortable. I have no problem coming off the edge. I do it all."

What impact did Jim Leonhard have on you as a coach?

"Playing for Coach Leonhard he taught me a lot. Taught me the bigger scheme of the defense, not just knowing my position, but other people's jobs and different coverages. Playing under Coach Leonhard it taught me a lot."

Are you excited to play with two former teammates of yours in P.J. Williams (Vanguard High School in Ocala, Fla.) and Ryan Ramczyk at Wisconsin?

"Yeah that's going to be exciting. From playing in high school with P. J. to being teammates with Ryan Ramczyk. I can't wait to come to the building."

Were you and P. J. Williams close growing up?

"Yeah we were pretty close. We weren't brothers or anything like that, (but) we always had conversations anytime we'd see each other."

Did the Saints talk to you at all about returning kicks?

"No I haven't talked to the special teams coach, but like I said, I take playing special teams very serious. Whether it's returning kicks or any other aspect of special teams I'm all for it."

Can you go through your position switches throughout your career?

"I switched from receiver to corner initially because I did not feel like I was receiving the playing time I thought I deserved, so after that season I talked to the defensive coordinator (and) talked to him about switching to corner, but he ended up calling me first and I talked to him about switching and of course I said yes. I played my sophomore season at corner. Then my junior year I played some corner and nickel. Then my senior year I switched to safety the spring of my junior year because that spot was open and coach Leonhard the defensive coordinator thought I could make a big impact and then we also had Nick Nelson coming in with ability at corner. Coach (Jim) Leonhard had all those guys at the same time and he felt me moving to safety would benefit me and the team."

Who was your defensive Coordinator at the start of your defensive career?

"Coach Dave Aranda."

Who is your agent?

"James Chris Martin."

Did you ever go against Mike Thomas?

"No I haven't."

Do you know where the Saints want you to play?

"Initially when I got the call he said I'll be playing corner for the New Orleans Saints, but like I said wherever they want to see me play, whether it's corner, nickel, safety. Wherever. I'm going to give it my all."

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