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Quotes from Pete Carmichael's Week 10 Conference Call - November 9, 2018

Saints offensive coordinator spoke to the media on Friday, Nov. 9

New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Friday, November 9, 2018

Is this maybe the best season Drew Brees has ever had thus far?
"I think that like you said he's always played at the top level. Clearly, he's having a great year this year and I think the first thing he would do is attribute the success to, he's had great protection, guys have been getting open and so I think that he would tell you he's benefited from that, but clearly he's playing at a high level."

What has been the key to Drew reducing the number of interceptions?
"I think for him to throw interceptions that to me is a rare thing. He's going to make good decisions with the football. He's going to be accurate, he's going to locate the ball well and he just knows exactly what to expect from our guys. By the week's end he's always prepared and knows every little detail so it doesn't surprise me where he's at right now."

Is that at all you think a factor of this being year number 18 and just kind of having the knowledge to go along with the skill?
"One thing I do think that he always (takes) every opportunity that he gets he's learning from his experience and just his experience over the years. He's learned so much and just kind of how he feels about certain routes or maybe just the footwork that he's taken and any details all of that (he's great with). His offseasons are so much about staying in shape and doing the right path to be successful. I think that like you said he's having an outstanding year and I think that'll continue."

You've only had two practices with Dez Bryant, only I guess one real legit practice but what have you seen from him?
"There is a situation here that develops where we brought some guys in for a workout. We liked what we saw in the workout and now we'll make some decisions here at this end of this week. But we've been having a chance to get him integrated into the system the last couple days."

Is there a chance with a shortage of wide receivers that could give Alvin Kamara more reps?
"More of the show on the greatest things is that we look at the opponent and we find ways to put guys into position to be successful and whether we are putting Alvin outside or coming out of the backfield. I think that those are things that we will continue to do."

What about Drew Brees who's out  on a route last week, he almost had a pass thrown his way?
"I'll tell you what, Taysom (Hill) made a nice play on that for us and we'll probably continue to experiment with those things and probably have an opportunity this offseason to work to expand on some of that stuff."

Would you like to see Drew catch a pass?
"I think it would just be a wrinkle. I think that I feel like we've got a lot of good skilled players on the field. I think that getting the ball for them is kind of the priority. I think we'll keep Drew kind of off to the side and keep him safe (laughter)."

How has Mark Ingram been progressing since he returned from the suspension?
"I think he's done a great job coming back. One thing is the energy that he brings back with him and the passion and I think that since he's been back I think that he's been progressing and I think that he's been playing well."

Has it been a process for Mark Ingram getting into shape after the suspension?
"I think what you're saying is exactly right. You come back and you just haven't been doing it and there's really no way, unless you've been playing to maybe get the hits that you're going to take and the physical part of the game and so I think there is always a little adjustment. But he's been back now and I think we feel pretty good with where he is at."

Do you ever catch yourself thinking that Benjamin Watson is having such success at his age at that position?
"I think this, I think that just throughout the offseason and some of what's happened this season, obviously he's someone that Drew Brees is very comfortable with and feels good about. I don't know if you see that age on film. I don't think we are necessarily taking that into consideration when you see his play. But obviously, maybe at times, I'm not just talking about Ben, but any veteran player like that. Maybe there's times during the week where you're given them a little bit of a rest. But Ben hasn't shown us any signs of slowing down."

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