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Quotes from Pete Carmichael & Dennis Allen's conference call - Tuesday, November 27

Offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael and defensive coordinator Dennis Allen spoke to the media following practice on Tuesday, Nov. 27

New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael - Conference Call with New Orleans Media - Tuesday, November 27, 2018

How much do you think everyone sort of appreciates all the celebrations in the postgame locker room?
"I think that we have great character in the locker room and I think the guys are just happy for their teammates and that we're winning. I think there's no egos. Everybody's just happy that we won as a team and so I think they enjoy that time with a chance to celebrate after the victory and then after that we're on to the next phase."

How has Jermon (Bushrod) been playing in place of Terron (Armstead)?
"He has been playing really well. He has done a good job in both the run game and the pass game. He's protecting well. I think that sometimes when you come out of a game and you don't really mention a guy's name too often that's a good thing because up front when you're talking and you're like OK well then his guy wasn't making the play. I think over the last couple weeks he's played very well."

Have you seen anything different from Sean (Payton) this year, either as a play-caller or just the way he's been leading the team?
"I think since the beginning he's always been a great leader of this team. I think he does such a great job week in and week out of you know conveying the message to the team. He just does such a great job when you come out of team meetings and you know exactly what he's saying and you get it. I think he's able to communicate and then obviously I think that he's always been a great coach. I think he does a great job with the players on the field and making sure that they have a picture of exactly how it's going to be."

Have you seen him emotionally change at all the past two years from the years where you were going 7-9?
"I think that obviously we're doing a better job of playing better as a team. I think that the credit goes to Sean (Payton), he is doing a great job, and then all the coaches. He is giving all the credit to the assistant coaches and the players and I think that again there are no egos. Everybody's excited for each other."

How odd did you think it was for four undrafted guys to catch touchdowns on Thursday in Austin Carr, Dan Arnold, Keith Kirkwood and Tommylee Lewis?
"I think that those guys are on the team because we have trust in them. We have a vision. we have confidence with those guys out on the field. So when Drew (Brees) is throwing to those guys, it's not a surprise to us. We feel confident in those players."

How does Drew (Brees) develop that trust so many different guys?
"I think it's just his work ethic. You guys see him out on the field after practice (in training camp) just always getting every single detail down before he leaves the football field so he knows that he's comfortable. He has a visual of exactly how it's going to play out. So he just never leaves the field not being satisfied. I think that he knows and then he does a great job communicating with these guys and hey this is how I see it. And so they're always on the same page."

He had only thrown one interception this season before the one on Thursday night? How do you react? Is it stunning to see that happen because it has been so infrequent this season?
"I guess you would say so. I think that every so often you might have some bad luck. A ball gets tipped or every so often you might overthrow one, but it's been good that we've limited those this year."

New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen - Conference Call with New Orleans Media - Tuesday, November 27, 2018

What did you think of the defensive performance last week?
"Obviously, I felt our guys played with really good energy. They played hard. They made some plays, which was outstanding to see. It was a good win for us and obviously we have got to get ready now for the Cowboys and they present some tough challenges. I think now with Amari Cooper and having a number one receiver on their squad, I think it's opened up some things for them in the passing game. Obviously, I think Ezekiel Elliott is a premier back in this league. I think he's outstanding. He's got great vision, patience as a runner, extremely powerful. I think their offensive line has been playing really well and I think as a team they've been playing really well over the last three weeks."

Why has the run defense not allowed a 100-yard rusher in 17 straight games?
"Well, look, I think a lot of it is gap discipline. I think our guys have done a really good job of being fundamentally sound. I think one thing I would say is our guys buy into the team concept of defense. You look at a guy like Cam Jordan, who has the ability to be a double-digit sack guy every year. But yet sometimes if guys are thinking about, how am I going to get to the quarterback and how am I going to sack the quarterback. They open up running lanes and create big plays in the running game and I think our guys have really bought into the ability to stop the run and I think with that success they've got a kind of a sense of look we are number one in stopping the run right now and we will stay that way."

What has been the biggest impact from Demario Davis on the defense?
"I think Demario really brings a physicality to our football team. That was one of the things that we liked about him when we watched him. He's a sideline to sideline player. He plays the game violently and aggressively and he finds his way to get to the football and get the ball carrier down. I just think his speed and athleticism, along with the violence and physicality that he plays with has been really good for us and (has) helped us out a lot."

What has been the reason that Manti Te'o has been inactive the last few weeks?
"I think it's just a matter of some of the gameplans that we've been in have called for a little bit more sub defense and I think our team has been playing really well right now and so I think you kind of stick to what you're doing as long as things are going well. I think that's been part of the factor of it. I think Manti's a really good football player. I think there's a role for Manti on this football team. There's going to probably come a point where he's going to be called upon to come in and play and I know that when that happens, I know that he'll be ready to go."

How has Marcus Davenport picked up where he left off prior to the injury?
"I thought he did a couple of good things. Certainly, a little bit of rust. Certainly, a little bit of getting used to playing through the injury. I think he has had a good week of practice this week. I think his mind-set is right, to go out there and play well this week and anytime you are out for any period of time there is a little bit of an adjustment period coming back. I thought he did some good things in the game the other day and hopefully we'll see improvement this week."

Could Eli Apple have shadowed guys right after you acquired him in the trade or did that take some adjusting?
"Yeah, I think it takes a little bit time to get comfortable within the system and in and within the language and the verbiage and some of those things and so the more variables that you add to that, the more difficult it is. I think the initial plan coming in was Marshon on the right, Eli on the left and get him accustomed to (that), get him comfortable with what we're doing and the things that we're going to ask him to do and then as we do that, then we can begin to look at different things that we might do within the gameplan to get ourselves in the best matchups."

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