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Quotes from Pete Carmichael & Dennis Allen's conference call - Friday, October 19

Offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael and defensive coordinator Dennis Allen spoke to the media following practice on Friday, October 19

New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael - Conference Call with New Orleans Media - Friday, October 19, 2018

How has Teddy Bridgewater been fitting in?
"Since he's come in he's really taking an approach to get in and learn the offense and he's done such a great job. You can where why he's such a quick study. He fits right in the room. He has great character. There are so many things to like about him. We are excited to work with him." 

What are some of the challenges the offense will face now that Ted Ginn Jr. is out for a while on Injured Reserve?
"I think there's guys on this roster that we feel good about playing and we wouldn't have them on our team if we didn't feel that way. Obviously, Ted brings an element of speed to the game. Tre'Quan (Smith) has shown he can fill some of those roles."

Do you think it was important for Smith and Cameron Meredith to have performed well in games prior to Ginn's injury?
"Yeah, I think it was good to see. It was nice that they had the production (they had) last week and again we're going to try to keep getting those guys roles to increase as we go forward."

What did you think about Mark Ingram's return against the Redskins?
"We are excited to have him back. He had some opportunities last week and we had some big plays. We are always looking for balance with two guys and it just kind of played out last week where we scored on a bunch of big plays. Maybe didn't have as many plays offensively, but it's been nice to have him back for sure."

What are some of the challenges that the Ravens present to this offense?
"We're getting ready to play a great defense. They have high production with their front seven. Whether it's against the run, pressuring the quarterback and (they're) excellent in the secondary with their ball skills. Their stout and it is not just one guy with the production. When you watch the film and you look at their stats you're not surprised to see what the stats are. We have a big challenge ahead of us."

How has it been developing plays for Taysom Hill?
"I think the one thing that Sean (Payton) always talks about is putting players in positons that fit their skillset and I think it's fun in the quarterback room just being with those guys and kind of talking about those things and really as a staff coming up with some play ideas and new little wrinkles for us so that always keeps you excited."

New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen - Conference Call with New Orleans Media - Friday, October 19, 2018

What have you been seeing from Joe Flacco this year?
"Well I think he's playing exceptionally well. Obviously he's thrown for a lot of yards and been completing a good percentage of his passes. I think he's done a really good job of being able to get some explosive plays down the field as well as when it is not there, he's done a good job of finding his second and third options in the passing game. I think he is a really good player. I think he has done a really effective job with what they do. He has the ability to keep some plays alive with his ability to move around in the pocket a little bit. He's got an extremely strong arm and can make all the throws. Obviously I think he's playing at a really high level." 

They rank second in the NFL in pass attempts and fifth in rush attempts. What are the challenges of facing a team that can control the ball so well? "Certainly we're going to have to have our opportunities to get off the field on third down. I think that's pretty critical. When you watch last week's game, I think at one point they were they were like 11-of-12 or something like that on third down. So, obviously with the way that they work their offense, if we can get them in third and manageable situations and be able to get them off the field in those situations, I think that is advantageous to us."

Talk about what seems like an improvement with Vonn Bell?
"I think Vonn is he'll be getting to really getting a feel for what we're asking him to do within the defense, so you can just see the first couple of years you can see when the play is going on, there's a thought process that's going on through in his mind. And I think now he's able to just rely on his instincts and see the play happening and be able to make a fast decision and generally he's made good decisions and made right decisions. I think that's just the process of gaining more experience within what we're trying to do defensively and then certainly that's a testament to his hard work and his effort and time that he's put in both in the meeting room and on the practice field."

How have you seen Sheldon Rankins improve this year?
"I think Rankins is playing at a pretty good level right now I think the one area where I feel like I've seen improvement out of him is in the running game I think he's been stouter at the point in the running game and then of course Sheldon, he's a really intelligent player. So he does a really good job of making sure everybody understands exactly what we're trying to do upfront in terms of the defensive line and anything that we're doing in the passing game. I think he does a good job in coordinating the rush. I think you're seeing a player that's fully healthy now and I think we're seeing a lot of the things that he can do well."

How do you think Marcus Williams has responded from last year?
"I think he's responded well. I think he's on to playing football and worried about trying to be the best that he can be for us right now. I think he's doing a good job for us. With all of us defensively I thought we struggled a little bit early in the season but I think guys are beginning to get comfortable with what we're doing and beginning to play a lot better."

We didn't talk to you after the Washington game, but in that game, Alex Smith missed several throws. What did you see from that game?
"I thought it was better. I thought our intensity and our effort was better overall as a defensive unit so I was encouraged with some of the things that I saw and hopefully we can we can continue to build on the momentum and continue to play better."

What do you think the play Justin Hardee made in the game does for him as a player confidence wise?
"Well look I think certainly for him to be able to go into the game and for him to be able to function and give us an opportunity to win the game and then be able to step in front of the ball and look there was a couple plays that he made in the game not just the interception, but a couple other plays that he made in the game that were really good plays and I think if you ask Justin he would say that he wasn't real sure. Number one I didn't think I'd get in the game (on defense). And then number two like I didn't know how I would play once I got in there. But I think confidence comes from and you've heard Sean (Payton) say this a multitude of times that confidence comes from demonstrated ability and I think he demonstrated not only to ask but to himself when he's called upon to go in the game but that he can go in there and play it at a good level.

What do you think about how Marshon Lattimore has helped Hardee study defenses?
"I think obviously they had a relationship from high school and understanding working together. Overall I think that's a good group, that secondary group and that's a close group, that secondary group. They understand they're really a lot of young players growing in this process together. I see all those guys really trying to help each other out."

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