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Quotes from Pete Carmichael and Dennis Allen on Oct. 27

Offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael and defensive coordinator Dennis Allen speak to the media on Friday, Oct. 27

New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen
Conference Call With New Orleans Media
Friday, October 27, 2017

How important was it for your career when John Fox made you a defensive coordinator in Denver?
"That was obviously big for me, I received an opportunity to go to Denver and work for John Fox. I think John Fox is an outstanding football coach. I think he just understands what type of team that he has and understands what he has to do to win games and he was really good for me. He obviously had a wealth of experience and knowledge that he was able to pass on to me, but at the same time, sometimes when you work for a defensive coach and you're on that side of the ball it sometimes it can be a little overwhelming and they won't let you do your job a little bit. He was great to me and I really appreciate Foxy and everything he has done for me."

Leaving the Saints the first time as secondary coach, did you feel you needed that year as a defensive coordinator to become more ready for your head coaching experience in Oakland the following year?
"I don't know that you are ever 100 percent ready, it's just one of those situations where you kind of learn on the run. I knew I understood football and it's really just kind of taking the knowledge that you have and trying to apply it and meeting with a bigger group of guys. I really appreciate the fact that I received that opportunity and he was great to me. Foxy and I have always been friends."

Do you encourage the defensive players to celebrate turnovers and what kind of competition does that foster, especially among the cornerbacks?
"I don't know I'm the one that's pushing them to the celebrations, here's what I want, I want our guys to have fun out there playing football. I want them to enjoy playing the game and if celebration is a part of that I'm perfectly fine with that. I think the biggest thing is that we have to understand is our job is to go out and stop the opponent and that's what we have to do and as long as we are doing that, then whatever is a byproduct of that I'm perfectly fine with."

Why has Marshon Lattimore been playing at such a high level so early in his career as a rookie?
"I think early on he had a few struggles, specifically in the first game of the season. I think he really understood this NFL deal in the regular season is different deal and I think he has put in the time and effort, really studying the opponent and studying the guys he's going to play against and he has really worked hard both on and off the field to try to perfect his craft. I think he is a prideful kid that wants to be great. He's really working towards doing that and I think that was probably the biggest thing. I just think as young guys, sometimes you don't realize exactly what you're about to do get into until you actually get into it. I think once he got that understanding, he's kind of taken it and run with it and then I also think he had a little bit of success and so that confidence builds as you go along. That's what we have to try and continue to do. We obviously knew that he was a very talented player and certainly he has shown that."

What has his growth meant to your defensive success and the turnaround the last four games?
"I'd say his growth along with a lot of the young players we have on our defense right now, that growth has helped us to improve the last few weeks. We still have a long way to go and still have a lot of things that we need to correct and get better at, but the thing is we are seeing some constant improvement each and every week in certain aspects and then obviously there might be a week where, ah man something came up and we have to try and fix that or correct that. It's constantly an ongoing process and I've been pleased with not only Marshon (Lattimore), but a lot of these kids that hadn't had an opportunity to play a ton of snaps in the NFL. (They) have really started to improve."

New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael
Conference Call with Local Media
Friday, October 27, 2017

What stands out to you the most when looking at the Bears defense?
"I think the one thing that stands out is how well they are coached. They are always in the right place, they're very aggressive and (a) physical defense. They tackle well, they have good balls skills and they know how to get pressure up front. I think we have a challenge this week."

What kind of pressure does it put on you when they have three defensive touchdowns over the last two games?
"I think every week, obviously one of the most important things is ball security. That is really the number one reason why you wouldn't lose a game.

What stands out about Sean Payton as a play-caller?
"Obviously, (he is) so well-prepared every week. His ability to instill confidence in the players on the plays that we're executing or running. I think he has great awareness of situational football, I would say timing of calls, I think his understanding of matchups and the ability to put our players in the position where he knows they can be successful, what are they good at and (then he) puts them in those positions."

What has been the biggest difference in the success of the run game the last few weeks as opposed to at the start of the season?
"I think that we've been executing better and just as you get a couple (successful games) of them (running well). Often (times) you have more plays, more opportunities. We haven't maybe quite fallen behind like we had early on and they've been given more opportunities and I'd say when the ball's been in Mark (Ingram's) and Alvin (Kamara's) hands they've been executing well, whether it's the run game or pass game."

How do they complement each other?
"They both have their own unique abilities and yet, (and) like I said we're not afraid regardless what play's on the call sheet, if it's one guy or the other and that's probably the easiest thing when you're calling a game is to say I'm calling it and I'm going and let's just see who's (running) going this series."

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