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Quotes from Patrick Robinson's conference call on Monday, March 19

Cornerback Patrick Robinson spoke with the New Orleans media on Monday, March 19 about his return to the team

Welcome back the newest addition to the Saints roster, veteran cornerback Patrick Robinson

New Orleans Saints CB Patrick RobinsonConference Call with New Orleans MediaMonday, March 19, 2018

How does it feel now? Is it weird coming back to the Saints after being away for three years?

"To be honest, not really. I just see it as me coming back home and having that opportunity to win a ring. That's how I'm trying to look at it to be honest."

Does the fact that you experienced winning a Super Bowl with Philadelphia help you now?

"It definitely helps a lot because I know exactly what it takes to win a ring. I am going to try to do the same things that I did last year to help these guys win a ring and that is why I came here because I always knew that these guys had a chance to win a ring, especially from last year. That kind of helped the decision for me coming back to New Orleans."

What's been the biggest difference for you the last few years? You were solid when you were here but people kind of regard you as one of the top slot corners in the league now. Why do you think you've read them the way you have?

"Well to be honest, not doing too much thinking. When I was on the field (for the Saints previously), I was doing a lot of thinking, a lot of what ifs and stuff like that. Instead, now I am just playing football and not thinking about anything
else, but just playing football. That is the biggest difference."

How strange is it coming back and seeing all the turnover on defense? I think Cam (Jordan) is the only one left that was here when you were last here.

"It's kind of weird. When I was first here, I was one of the young guys and now I'm back as one of the vets and that's kind of weird for me. Then with seeing Cam still around that's a face that I'm happy to see, instead of coming back with all new players and me not knowing anyone."

How did the free agency go for you? Did the Saints just call? Were you already thinking about the possibility of coming back here? What went down that led you to sign here?

"The Saints came in and to be honest, they made more sense as far as the business side. Being here in New Orleans, my wife loves it and my kids love it, so that kind of helped the decision also."

Football-wise, what about that defense made it attractive that led you to come play on it?

"They had a lot of success. They have a lot of young guys that are hungry and making a lot of plays. I decided to come here, I just knew what I was going to get myself into. These guys are young, doing their jobs and playing hard, making plays and winning games."

It seemed like a change of scenery did you really good, getting out of New Orleans and starting fresh somewhere really helped your career. Did that make it hard to think about coming back here where you did experience highs and lows? Or did you feel like you had unfinished business here?

"Really that did make it a little hard to come back, me leaving then getting the success I was looking for, did make it a little harder to come back. But I figured since I know exactly what it takes, then it shouldn't be a problem coming back and doing the same thing I've been doing the last couple of years."

What's your relationship with Dennis Allen? I think you guys had one year together while you were here but obviously he's still running the defense now.

"Yes, it's been a long time since he coached me. When I was a rookie, we had a good relationship and we still do. I mean it's going to be extremely fun just to see him as a defensive coordinator, kind of weird to be honest."

How good of a group do you think you guys can be, you Marshon (Lattimore) and (Ken) Crawley?

"I think the sky's the limit with these young guys. This last season they've shown they can play at a high level the whole season for the most part. That is just something that I wanted to be a part of, especially so late in my career. I definitely want to be a part of a group that's hungry, with good character and at the same time we are winning games."

You mentioned coming back as an older guy now and more mature and more confident about your skillset and what you can do. Can you pinpoint when that transition sort of happened for you? Was it in San Diego, maybe even in Philadelphia?

"I think I'd say definitely in San Diego. I think it was a quick turnaround in San Diego. It definitely started from there though."

And was the mental stuff the most important or was it recognizing how effective you could be as a slot corner and making that your role, just as big?

"Really just the mental stuff.

Over the past couple of years it seems like the Saints keep adding guys with a lot of speed. Obviously corner speed's one of those top things, why do you think that's an attribute that helps you in your game?

"We have a lot of fast receivers, a lot of quick receivers. Then the rules of the game, really favors the receivers, so speed's a huge attribute for me to have and it's well-needed. That's been huge for me."

I just want to go back to the Saints' pursuit, before you agreed to the deal, did Sean Payton call you at all, I don't know if that would have been part of the process.

"No, he didn't call before we did the deal. No he didn't."

How many other teams had you heard from before you agreed to the Saints?

"I think I was talking to three other teams. But the Saints just made way more sense than what anybody else was talking about."

Was there anything from the Eagles that might've been some desire for you to go back and try to win back to back?

"Yes, these past two weeks have been hard because I just won a Super Bowl with these guys to be honest. But it just made more sense for me to come here."

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