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Quotes from Nick Fairley's Conference Call

Audio and quotes from DT Nick Fairley's Monday conference call

New Orleans Saints Defensive Tackle Nick Fairley
Conference Call with Local Media
Monday, March 13, 2017

How did it feel to get a long-term deal done after the way your free agent deals went the last few years?
"It's great being able to know that I'lll be here for the next four years and be a Saint. It feels good."

Did you ever feel like this wouldn't get done with the Saints?
"No, basically when I left here last year I was telling everybody that this was the place I wanted to be. (I thought we could) just sit down and talk it over and get it done. This is the locker room that I want to be a part of and a team and organization I want to be a part of. Whatever we have to do to get it done let's do (it) and we got it done."

Why is it that you wanted to stay with the Saints?
"When I came in last year and took my visit last year and I sat down with the coaches and was able to just be in the locker room. The vibe that I got and the chill bumps that came about when I was just sitting there in the just talking to them about everything and the organization and how they wanted to move forward on a lot of things as far as playing on the field and try to get back to the Super Bowl. I feel great there and felt great being a part of that. It is something that I'm willing to do and I'm glad we got it done."

What happened during the season that affirmed your belief in this team?
"Really just going into the stadium and feeling that turf. The crowd, the energy hanging with those guys on defense (and) how we got after it last year. I can't wait to get out there in April and just start working out, running with the guys, get the chemistry back and just get back out there and get ready to wreak havoc this year."

What does it mean that your teammates wanted you back here too?
"That means a lot. I sat down and talked to Cam (Jordan) and we talked for a few hours beforehand. We just talked about in general the things he liked when I came to the team and the things I did well on the football field and vice versa. I was just telling him being able to play next to a guy that gets after it each and every play like he does, it actually makes the inside guys' job easier because he's going to be right there holding off the edge. All you have to do is get out in the middle and he'll meet you back there."

When do you last talk to Cam Jordan?
"We talked about a week ago."

How many teams showed interest in you heading into free agency?
"To be honest I really do not know. I told my agent to always talk to the Saints and get something done. That's where I wanted to be and move forward from there. I haven't even had that conversation with my agent and actually I haven't even asked him about that. Every time I called I asked did the Saints call."

So it was the Saints all the way, you weren't interested in other teams.

Does having a long-term deal change your approach at all?
"No, it's going to be the same, go out here start in April work out hard, bust my butt with my teammates, run get in great shape. At training camp, just work our butts off and figure out scheme and get the chemistry down as far as playing with each other each and every down and then go out each and every Sunday and just work my butt off. Do whatever I have to do to help the team win."

Have you been able to meet the new defensive line coach yet?
"Yes, we actually just sat down and had a good talk. I think we are going to do great things with him in the room and I can't wait to get coached by this guy because he has a lot of energy. I can tell the way he's talking about certain things, how we're going to play certain stuff that'll benefit us with the type of guys that we had in the room last year. I just can't wait until we get started."

What did you see out of Sheldon (Rankins) and (David) Onyemata?
"Great growth. Those guys came in and just worked their butts off. They started in training camp and did everything coaches asked them to do and more and when the game(s) came around, you could tell as the season went on the game started to slow down for them more and they started making a lot more plays and things became a lot easier. They would come to the sidelines and be like hey I got this block on that so when you go out there watch out for this. You can kind of tell (they learned) because at the beginning of the season they wouldn't say that, but as the season went on you could tell those guys picked up a lot of things."

Can you tell us anything about Larry Warford?
"Larry is a great guy, going to be a great guard for us. Good in space, he moves his feet well. He's good at run blocking I know that. I say we got a pickup in him and can't wait to see him."

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