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Quotes from Max Unger's conference call - November 30, 2018

New Orleans Saints center Max Unger spoke to the media on Friday, Nov. 30 following the loss to the Dallas Cowboys

New Orleans Saints Center Max Unger - Conference Call with New Orleans Media - Friday, November 30, 2018

What made the Dallas pass rush so tough up front?
"They had a good rush plan, a combination of really good rushers. We just have to better in protection and that really just boils it down. They had a good blitz package and they were able to get pressure on Drew (Brees)."

How much did this loss hurt after the run the team's been on?
"When you have it going like that we were rolling. We were in a really good rhythm and we just for whatever reason fell out of that and it's up to us to kind of look back and see what we had done well in the previous wins and kind of recover that momentum if you will. But that was a tough loss. Yeah, it's obviously not what we wanted."

Do you look at it as a chance to hit the reset button and refocus?
"Yeah, absolutely. This is 100 percent commitment, back to work and Sean (Payton) said that after the game, just examine everything, get back to what we're doing and kind of reload for the start of the fourth quarter of the season."

How glad are you to have these few extra days of rest?
"Yeah, the (back to back) Thursday's I've never done before. That's a tough schedule. There's no excuse because Dallas did the same thing. We just have to be able to manage unique schedules when they're presented, but these next couple days will be good to kind of get a break, a little bit extra treatment and kind of like I said get ready for the fourth quarter (of the season)."

How would you evaluate what the team has done through the first three quarters of the season?
"It's been good. I mean we won a lot of the games this first stretch. Started off rocky, but put a good stretch together and then obviously last night (we lost). We have done some good things. With our self-scout there's always a lot of room for improvement. These next five days before we start game planning, we'll go back and look at that and see what we did well and what we need to improve on. But I thought that we had a good rhythm going and we got to just kind of get back to that going forward."

Is there any concern about overcorrecting after last night's game?
"I'd say it's more like get back to our foundation. This locker room is mature enough to recognize that loss for what it was and it just being a tough game for us. Where we couldn't get going and couldn't get a rhythm going. Our defense played exceptionally and the offense just was not able to produce. (We need to) just kind of recognize those factors and (look at) not putting ourselves in those situations again. I would not say that we're worried about over correcting or anything like that, but just kind of moving forward."

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