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Quotes from head coach Sean Payton's conference call - December 27, 2018

Saints head coach spoke to the media on Thursday, Dec. 27

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Thursday, December 27, 2018

Your offensive line is the least-penalized in the NFL. What kind of benefit is that to the offense?
"Generally with a penalty on the offensive line it's holding that's ten yards and those are tough to overcome. We've had games where you've had some setbacks and you're trying to overcome that, but those guys have played well and they're a big reason why we're sitting where we're at."

How does it speak to Andrus Peat where he can play three positions in one game and just be able to move around like that?
"He has some good position flexibility. Ryan Ramczyk (is) the same way. This gets back to our conversation from a few weeks ago where if you're dressing seven linemen for a game, which is really not a lot and you get in a pinch with injuries, you hope to have some guys that have position flexibility."

How do you evaluate P.J. Williams' open-field tackling? That looks like a strength of his and is that something he gets to demonstrate more in the slot than outside?
"I think yes to the last question. Obviously you're closer to the ball. Now, that doesn't mean you're unblocked, (but it does mean) you're going to have to be a decent tackler. I do think he has a good frame, good stature and the athleticism to do that effectively. You see that over a period of time. As we evaluate DBs at some point we're going to talk about their ball skills and at some point we're going to talk about how they tackle."

Do you feel like he's taken a step forward as the season's progressed after that Atlanta game when he was first moved to the slot?
"I think he's played well. He's smart, he's instinctive. He can match up certainly on certain players and he's having a good year."

What are your impressions of Teddy Bridgewater having had the opportunity to spend the regular season with him?
"He's smart, he's someone that I think picks things up quickly. He has a live arm. He's doing well. He's someone that very quickly picked up our system. You guys don't get to see it, but at practice, whether it's with the scout team, you see the arm strength and see him make all the throws."

How much has Michael Hoomanawanui added to that tight end group despite not being able to play this year?
"We've had him up in the offensive meetings. He's hanging in there. There's some dark circles under his eyes now, but he's still standing. I love what Mike brings. He's a throwback player, he's tough. I think he's well-respected. I know he is in the locker room. He's one of those guys you want around."

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