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Quotes from Drew Brees' postpractice media availability - Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017

Drew Brees spoke to the media following Thursday's joint Training Camp practice with the Texans.

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees* 2017 Training Camp Presented By Verizon
Thursday, August 24, 2017

How have you thought Adrian (Peterson) has looked as a receiver?
"I've actually been impressed with the way he catches the ball. For a guy who, that's not what he is known for obviously. But he certainly is capable of doing that and that just makes him even more of a threat. When he's in the game he can catch screen passes. He can catch balls out of the backfield. We can motion him out of the backfield and he can run routes. It just makes him more versatile".

Is there a different level of anticipation with Adrian? I mean you've been working with him for a while now but now going into an actual game situation, is there a different level of anticipation?
"I feel like he approaches practice just like he does a game. He is really intense, he runs angry. He attacks the line of scrimmage. Never if we're in a practice rep and I handed the ball off to him and had any different feel. It is one speed all the time. I think he just clicks in and when it's time to play, it's time to play regardless of whether it's practice or a game."

Tom Savage talked about how special it is for him to watch, work with and work against Tom Brady last week, Drew Brees this week, what does that mean to you for him to call you the greatest of all-time and two of the greatest?
"Well, that's humbling. I have a lot of respect for him especially the way he approached last season and the job that he did when he came him. Certainly seems like the team has a lot of confidence in him, listening to the way other guys talk about him and the way the coach talks about him. But that's an honor when a guy says that about you".

(Tom) Brady mentioned last week that pro football players watch a lot of college games in the hotel, he saw a lot of Deshaun Watson at Clemson and you saw a little bit of him today, what do you think of him?
"He's as talented as they come and he's played in and won a lot of big football games. He's played extremely well against some pretty well respected teams and defenses. Obviously when you look at that Alabama defense and what he was able to accomplish against those guys over the last two years (it's impressive). Again, he's been in a lot of big situations and won a lot of big games. Anytime you take a step to the NFL from college, there are adjustments, it's a new system. The speed of the game. Probably what he gets to go up against everyday with that defense and that pass rush. That is more going to equip him and prepare him for what the NFL is going to be".

When you are looking out and seeing J.J. (Watt) and Jadeveon (Clowney) out there, what'd you think?
"Well, I've played against those guys a few times now, whether it'd be practicing against them or in games against them. They are as good as they get. And throw (Whitney) Mercilus at the end of the deal and that linebacker core, that's as good of a front seven as you're going to get in football without a doubt".

You knew Deshaun (Watson) or met him before this, right?
"I actually met Deshaun Watson out in San Diego before the draft. He was working out out there a little bit. I knew the guy he was training with and he had mentioned that he wanted me to come out there and see those guys, so I went out and met him there. That was my first time, actually I take that back. I shook his hand at the Super Bowl but then I saw him train in March in San Diego a little bit".

Does he see you as a mentor? Did you talk to him about the transitions and maybe what's required of you in the early years before you get your shot?
"I was asked to do that for him in March. My friend who was training him said, 'hey, would you come out and just talk to these guys'. I said, 'sure' and came out and saw him and a couple of other draft picks. I just gave them my perspective in my experience, be it 16 years previous. What they do now to prepare those guys for the draft and what it's like to be in the NFL is light-years ahead of where we were 16 years ago. But I tried to give him as much advice as I could".

A review of how you did in that two-minute offense towards the end, how would you describe it?
"We moved the ball. That's a tough defense. It's a great pass rush. They have some really good secondary players. It's one of those just take what you can get. I felt like we moved the ball down the field a little bit and then you're just waiting for your opportunity to maybe make a big play. Once we got deep into their territory, I do know if you knew the situation but it was when you're just playing for a field goal. We were right on the outskirts of field goal range so you know you're going to get an aggressive look from them and (we) were able to hit a big play".

Are you excited about Saturday, your possible only work this preseason? It has to be tough just sitting on the sideline in the first two preseason games watching?
"I get a little antsy. You prepare all week to play in games. You do not just practice to practice. I'm looking forward to it. Obviously it's against a very good team. Hopefully as a first unit we go out there and we're sharp and we execute very well and score points. This is all preparation for what's going to happen here in two weeks with our first game at Minnesota. We still have a lot of work to do. It's just steps at a time and this is the next step".

What's your philosophy on playing in the preseason? I know this is the only other time besides the oblique injury that you've sat the first two?
"I know that there's a plan. I know there are a lot of reps that you're trying to give guys. Times based upon what the rest of the unit looks like, decisions are made to hey let's just take another opportunity to rest guys and get guys healthy. (The) Bottom line is how do we put ourselves in the best position to be successful Week One and be the most healthy (we can be). For me, I think having practice against Los Angeles for three days last week (was valuable), a lot of good reps there. So you can almost say that replaced what the value of 15 plays would have been in the game because we got a lot of reps. This being the third preseason game, typically is when we play more. I expect us to and we'll see how we do. I think a lot of how long we play is dependent upon how well we do so we want to look good and we want to be sharp".

How important do you think it is to get in the Dome tomorrow?
"I know they always put new turf down (every year) so we have to assess the surface. Just familiarity. But the Dome, is the Dome. I can picture it pretty well".

Looking at all the reps you've had against Texans defense in two-minutes, talk about their progression, they've really played well.
"I think our defense is playing with a lot of confidence. We have the ability to do a lot of different things. We're honing in on the things we're good at. I think those guys are buying in and playing very well together and believing in one another. It just takes time, a lot of time on task. But I think we've tried to throw everything we can at them this training camp, and they've done the same today. At the end of the day, you feel like that makes both sides better".

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