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Quotes from Drew Brees' media availability - Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017

Drew Brees spoke to the media following Tuesday's practice.

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees
Tuesday, August 29, 2017

After looking at the tape did you see some plays that could have been better?
"A couple here and there. It's always interesting how it changes the complexion of maybe your opinion of the game and I think we walked away from it thinking there was a lot more to be had out there and we missed some opportunities. That first drive I felt like we should have been down on the 25-yard line, unfortunately they brought us back to where we were midfield and we did not convert that first third down. We felt like we should have put points on the board there. We got points on the second drive and I think we had a big play opportunity on the third drive that we just ended up not calling (and) that was really on me I should have went to something different that would have been a big play opportunity. There' s really two plays right there that should have resulted in three scoring drives on the first two drives, which we would have felt good about that, but instead we walked away with one scoring drive within the first three which I didn't feel was good enough."

What was your assessment of Zach Line's play?
"I talked to him after we both came out and he said man it's good to back in there and get those live reps, it's been a while for him since early last year and it feels good (for him) just get those first hits and run into some people. I think for him it was good."

What did you tell Adrian Peterson after the draw play?
"I just said be patient. For me I get a different view point at times compared to the ball carrier or the guy running the route or what have you, so I'm just assessing what's happening and the timing of it and just how things should be setup and how they should look. I'm always there to try and give little bits and pieces to guys, hey be more patient on this or hey slow down a little bit, hey get a little wider on this or here's what I'm seeing. It's just constant communication."

Do you think you guys are ready to break through this year?
"Yeah I do. I hope so. We have to start fast. I know this, you focus on the process and the results take care of itself. I feel like this has been one of the better offseasons and training camps we've had, just in regards to the work we've done and the recovery that has taken place. I don't feel like guys are worn down. I feel like we had a good amount of time for teaching and then repetition and then recovery. Which I always think it's a challenge to find that balance. We've done a good job of finding that out."

Do you think the team has better players?
"Yeah I do and I think we are playing with more confidence right now."

Having gone through the rebuilding of Katrina after coming here as a free agent what's it like seeing the devastation in Houston?
"It's terrible, again it's knowing what we went through here and you've seen bits and pieces on tv and you hear about it and you have no idea what it's like until your right there in the middle of it. Man it looks awful, complete devastation in so many areas. You just feel helpless because there is literally nothing you can do to stop it. So many people evacuate and you just sit back and wonder what kind of destruction there is going to be when you come back and then the whole rebuilding process for so many people."

How was the new turf in the Superdome this year?
"We get new turf every year and it starts off soft and then over time it begins to settle in once those rubber pellets get rolled enough times that it begins to harden a little bit."

How do you view the first few games of this season, can you make a statement or is it frustration with the schedulers?
"Never frustration because you can only worry about the things you control right, so we sign AP (Adrian Peterson) and we get Monday Night Football to open the season in Minnesota, there you go that's the way it works. Hopefully he goes off has a big night, (and) we all have a big night and we win the game and come back and worry about the next one."

Is there a risk in being too pumped up to play against your former team?
"Knowing AP (Adrian Peterson) I think his motor and his mindset is always one way and that's full go, straight ahead like a freight train. Again, I know he'll be ready to play and hope he has a big night and we all have a big night and come away with a big win."

Do you expect him (Adrian Peterson) to get a touchdown?
"Everybody will be ready for their opportunities and listen everyone's going to have to contribute. We are all going to have to play very well to beat that team."

How do you see Mark Ingram and Adrian Peterson getting along?
"I think those are both prideful guys and I also think they are both real professionals and I think they both really want to win. Are there going to be the moments where they are both chomping at the bit and yet only one guy can get the carries on that given play? Yeah I'm sure, but I think it will also bring out the best in them when their opportunities come."

What did you think of the running game Saturday?
"I think we'd all look at it and say there were opportunities to get more and to be better, but listen you have to give them credit too. They are (Houston) a good run stopping front, big strong, two-gap type guys, so we knew that when you play a team like that you're going to have to be happy with the two, three, four-yard gains. Knowing that maybe you pop one at some point. We run the reverse on the first play and get a huge play. We work on other mechanisms to create some big play opportunities, but listen you are going to face those teams throughout the season where they're going to stop the run. That's what they hang their hat on and so you just have to have the mindset to get the two-yards, three-yards, four-yards knowing that third and short is much better than third and long."

What was your reaction to Matthew Stafford's contract?
"I just saw it before I went to bed. The guy's played great. Last year was as impressive a run as a quarterbacks had, in regards to finding ways to win games and that whole team won a ton of games at the end of the year and got themselves in the playoffs after being pretty banged up along the way and so he was the next guy up and he got a huge contract."

Have you thought about how this affects your contract talks and don't you have the same agent, could this affect your contract situation?
"Not even thinking about it. Yes, we have the same agent. No, I just sent him a text that just said wow. That was it. Every circumstance is different. You guys know my stance on this. We have talked about this the last couple months. I'm focused on football."

Do you see any similarities between all the NFC South teams?
"I really haven't paid a whole lot of attention to what's happening outside of us and who we've got coming up honestly, but we know that every team in our division is going to be somebody and they are all contenders."

Is it any different for you with the new late one cut preseason rule?
"No, we just take it as it comes. I mean you manage practice a little bit differently when you have 90 guys, versus 75 guys, versus 53 and practice squad. We'll do that accordingly."

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