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Quotes from Drew Brees media availability on Nov. 22

Quarterback Drew Brees spoke to the media post-practice on Wednesday, Nov. 22

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees
Local Media Availability
Wednesday, November 22, 2017

*The offense has put up 81 points the last two weeks, looks like you guys are starting to heat it up? *"Obviously we had the big, big day in Buffalo and had the fourth quarter onslaught to get there this past week, but at the end of the day it is still about execution. You want to be as consistent as possible throughout the entire game. We understand the challenges that are coming up ahead of us. (We) Do not look any further than the Rams. They're fighting for the exact same things that we are fighting for and they have had a phenomenal season thus far. We know it's going to be an extremely tough matchup for us. Playing these guys last year, they've got really, really good personnel. Sean McVay has done a tremendous job there. Wade Phillips is a guy who coached with the San Diego Chargers when I was there. Obviously we played against him a number of times. I have so much respect for him. He's one of the most respected guys from my perspective in the league. You know the type of defense that's going to be. You know the type of energy they're going to play with and we're going to have to match that and execute to perfection."

*What wins these late season games? *"(It's) smart football. I feel like up to this point we have done a pretty good job of that. For the most part, I'd say obviously the turnover ratio is always critical. I think four or five weeks ago we're really doing well there. I think we've ticked back a little bit, so we need to get out ahead with that again. But then your ability to run the football, the ability to make the plays in the passing game, your ability to sustain drives, stay on the field, get points. That's the stuff that wins for you all the time, but you have to be really, really efficient on it as the season goes along."

*The multiplicity you've guys have in terms of winning, how does confidence give a team? Does it give you a certain swagger to know you can win it this way, you can win it that way? *"It does give us a lot of confidence because we understand that each game at times has played a little bit differently, depending on the opponent and how they're defending you or what have you. When you do win in a lot of different ways, no matter what the scenario you feel like hey we've been here before we know how to win this game. There's just a belief in the confidence."

*Much is made of your relationship with Sean Payton and much is made of their success with Sean McVay. How important that synergy is and being on the same page with the quarterback?
"It's very important. I don't know Sean McVay very well. I had a few text conversations with him this offseason actually. From everything I've heard he's an extremely talented guy and obviously very well-liked and has done a really, really good job there. He's put together a great staff. I feel like I've been with many coaches on his staff in different places, from college (at) Purdue, to San Diego to here. He's really done a tremendous job all the way around. Jared Goff is playing really, really good football and obviously he has some weapons around him too. Their team that has the same belief and confidence that we do, they're rolling and we have to play our best game when we go there."

How tough is Terron Armstead and how important is it to have him in the lineup?"He is very important and yes he does play through a lot, but he's a tough guy. He is also a guy that doesn't want to let him team down. You can look at him and know he's hurt and he's like man I'll be there. I'll be out there. I'll be there for you. You have to love that mentality and that attitude and the way he feels about this team."

*Do you feel like this team has figured out its identity? *"Yeah. I think we do, how many times do you win eight in a row and you win them in a lot of different ways and I feel like we've done that and feel like we've learned a lot about ourselves along the way. I think what's impressed me the most is that the focus and the concentration and the energy in practice and the attention to detail has just continued to escalate as the season has gone along, as we've had success. At times I think (it's only) human nature that you can get a little bit complacent and you just think that we show up and it happens, but this group knows that it's all about the work and the preparation that takes place during the week. I'd say that's what maybe separates this team from others that maybe (haven't done that). We've been a part of some great teams here, but I think just that attitude and that hunger to still find our best game, because we still haven't found it yet, but that desire to continue to move forward and improve has been a unique factor with this team."

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