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Quotes from Drew Brees media availability on Dec. 5

Quarterback Drew Brees spoke to the media post-practice on Tuesday, Dec. 5

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees
Local Media Availability

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

*What have you seen out of the Falcons defense? *"I think they're really talented. They fly around. I think Dan Quinn does a great job. They're very well coached. The speed and athleticism (they have is impressive). (They have) A lot of playmakers at the linebacker position and in the secondary. Just a really talented group that plays really well together."

*Are there any similarities as to how the Falcons built their defense compared to what the team has built on defense here? *"Yes, obviously they have drafted very well and then they have been able to keep guys. They have a stable of pass rushers. All in all, they have done a really good job."

*Are they significantly better with Desmond Trufant on the field as opposed to off the field? *"He is definitely a difference maker. He's been a very good player ever since he has been there and I think the complement of him and Robert Alford, those are two really good corners."

*What are the challenges getting your body ready to go on such a short week? *"I guess it's six days of preparation (condensed) into three days. Today was like a Wednesday/Thursday and tomorrow is like a Friday/Saturday and then you go play on Sunday, which is Thursday. It's just all condensed, the gameplan, the install what you're trying to do to take care of your body as well. It's a great sense of urgency and great time management."

*When you play a team that's familiar with you like Atlanta, do you guard against tendency at all? *"It's a divisional opponent so there is familiarity there just from the standpoint that you play each other twice a year and just from a personnel standpoint we have a lot of the same personnel just like they do. I'm just talking about offense and defense. We have faced these guys a bunch and there are always new wrinkles that you are expecting. You expect the unexpected a little bit, but (with a) short week it's really getting the gameplan absorbed and getting your body ready to play."

*What are your thoughts on the Falcons defense only having three interceptions? *"They took the ball away a ton last year, so I know they're a very opportunistic group. They rush the passer very well. Typically, that's where you can generate a lot of turnovers with sacks, sack fumbles and hurry throws, but all their secondary has good ball skills. I look at what they have done in years past and certainly last year and know exactly what they're capable of. There has to be an emphasis on our end with ball security."

*Do you understand the Saints-Falcons rivalry since you have been here for ten-plus years now? *"They're a great team and they have won a ton of games since we've been here, over the last 12 years. We've had some great battles with those guys (over the years). Regardless of the records (in a certain year it's tough), they've won division titles and been the one seed, we've won division titles and been the one seed. The bottom line is you're going to have a very competitive game and I think the fan bases too (make it) probably a little bit of a rivalry there, but at the end of the day they are a divisional opponent (and) they are fighting for the same thing we are."

*Is it kind of weird that you are playing these guys twice in the span of three weeks? *"Yes, it is. We did that last year with Tampa, but it is what it is. We don't make it."

Are you a fan of these Thursday night games or not?
"No. Not really. The time after off is good, but the rush to get ready and get your body ready and all that stuff, I don't think guys are too excited about it but the bottom line is that everyone does it. We play when we are told to play. We are going to go out there and we are going to play. We are going to play our best."

*Do you look at division standings or conference standings? Or do you just put your head down and go? *"I just put my head down and go. Worry about what we can control and what is right in front of us. Right here and right now.

You are aware that the NFC is so tight?
"Every game is so important. You are exactly right."

*What does Atlanta's Linebackers look like? *"They are fast. They are athletic. They fly around. They are really good in man coverage. They can do it all."

Do you get a kick out of guys like Duke Riley and Deion Jones saying they grow up watching you being from the area and now they get to play against you?
"I guess if you play long enough, that's the type of stuff you encounter. If that means they have a chance to take a shot on me, maybe they take it easy a little bit. I don't know. We will see."

Do you feel 100% on Thursday night?
"I tell myself I do so I guess"

But in reality?
"I tell myself I do. Mind over matter."

The storyline for this game is the running game with both teams with both of them having impressive tandems. Are you impressed?
"I am really impressed with their two runners. Not just what they are in the run game, but what they are in the pass game. I feel like we have two of those guys too. But to watch what those guys have been able to accomplish last year/this year, they're a great one-two punch."

*Can you comment on Peyton Manning and Marshall Faulk going into the College Football Hall Of Fame? *"You can ask Sean (Payton) about Marshall Faulk obviously. He was at San Diego State and he was his running backs coach for at least one year while he was there. I was in college in '97 when Peyton was a senior, so I remember him when I was in college and you talked about guys you looked up to and guys that were doing it the right way. (He was a) Heisman trophy candidate and I'm just talking about his college career. Obviously his NFL career speaks for itself. I can't think of two guys more deserving than those two."

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