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Quotes from Drew Brees following the Week 7 game against the Baltimore Ravens

Drew Brees spoke to the media following the Week 7 game on Sunday, Oct. 21

New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees

On his 500th career touchdown pass:
"Obviously, it's a significant milestone, but I am more focused on winning, and the stats will come. I will forever be grateful to those teams that gave me the chance to play with such good coaches and great teammates. One of the greatest things about the 500th touchdown pass, it was caught by one of my favorite teammates of all time. I couldn't think of a better guy to catch this touchdown than Ben Watson. He is a terrific veteran, and I look up to him."

On getting the Ravens "Monkey" off his back:
"I am really glad, obviously. We only get to play them every four years or so. But, they've had some tremendous defensive teams in the past. Guys like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Adalius Thomas, Peter Boulware and Haloti Ngata. Those guys are household names in the NFL."

On what winning a game like this on the road means to the team:
"The more battle-tested you are, the better. Winning a game like this on the road does well to build this team's character. I think there is something special about this team. We are very young in some areas, but we also have some veterans who have played a lot of games and won a lot of games."

On what it means to go for it on fourth down as much as the Saints did:
"It shows that our coach believes in us and has a lot of confidence in us. It also makes us feel like we are playing to win."

On Ravens Justin Tucker's extra missed point:
"When they scored, I knew they had one of the greatest kickers of all time on their team. I automatically was thinking about overtime and what we were going to do. I was very, very surprised when he missed. But, I've been on the other side of games like that, when my team loses by a missed extra point. So, it was nice to be on the winning side for a change."

On the Saints game opening drive of 20 plays:
"Even though we didn't score off of that drive, that set the tone. We went for a few fourth downs and converted them. As much as we would have loved to get points out of that, it established our offense and kept their offense off the field."

On facing the Ravens blitzes:
"They had some elaborate blitzes prepared for us. They were ready with some new stuff. We were fortunate to beat the blitz a few times, for positive yards. You know what they say about 'live by the blitz, you can also die by the blitz.'"

On the Saints' fourth-quarter comeback:
"I can't say enough about our team. We were down 10 points, and we showed composure. The veterans didn't panic, and we got the job done. This is a great win for our team."

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