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Quotes from Drew Brees following the week 13 game against the Dallas Cowboys

Drew Brees spoke to the media following the week 13 game against the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday, Nov. 29

New Orleans Saints

Quarterback Drew Brees

On the last interception

"I was trying to throw it away actually. I was trying to throw it at his feet and kept it a little to high."

On feeling good where the team was at, during the game all things considered

"Yes. All things considered. To still have a chance to score late in the game, so it's unfortunate because we had an opportunity."

On Cowboys Defense Tonight

"Good pass rush team. I felt like we didn't really find our rhythm pretty much the whole game. We may have had one decent drive for the most part. I felt like we didn't find a great rhythm on what we were doing. So credit to them."

On not finding a rhythm. Did it dictate on what the Cowboys were doing?

"A little bit of it was execution on my part. We got some opportunities to capitalize on some plays early and we didn't. First drive I knew we got a couple of things going. So, starting off the game with two – three and outs, that's not how you want to start out the game. On the other side they were able to put together some decent drives as an offense. We are thinking complimentary football. Let's put together another drive, let's keep our defense off the field. Let's control the game, the clock, the ball. It just felt like we never did that as an offense like we've done this year."

On big picture scheme. How does it look?

"Well, we get some time now to get some guys healthy. We played three games in 11 games and that's tough. We'll regroup after this weekend and get ready to work. We've got a tough stretch ahead of us. Here we are 10-2. We won 10 in a row. We felt like we were rolling. So, now it's time to get that mojo back, get back to work when we get back and get ready to roll."

On the three games in 11 days. Did that play a role?

"No. I'm not giving any excuses. Listen today was not our best performance, certainly offensively. I felt our defense did really well. They got two goo turnovers for us. One to put us in position to go down. Unfortunately we went four and fourth down and we didn't get it. The one at the end of the game when it was just a field goal. They played great. I felt like offensively there was a lot left out there."

On does it get frustrating for him when the opponent holds the ball in that length of time?

"Listen, that's part of the game. That's part of the strategy for you as an offense. You talk about sustaining drives and putting together those 10, 12, 14, 16 play drives that not only gets you points but, you've controlled the clock for seven to eight minutes. Your defense is over there getting a nice little water break, so they go out and they get fresh, and they come back ready to roll. So that's part of the game."

On if the Cowboys defense was doing anything different defending Michael Thomas

"No. Again, I don't know how many plays we ran. Just didn't feel like we were out there a lot. We put together many good drives. That makes me feel that a lot of our guys didn't get the touches we're used to."

On Michael Thomas saying the Cowboys defense was overly physical with him. Did he see that?

"Every holding call they threw was on Mike. They were holding every chance they got. They have some good DB's on that side of the ball and they played a good game."

On thoughts regarding the hit Alvin Kamara took

"What do you think? Let the league deal with that."

On his thoughts making a big run

"We're just focusing one day at a time. This one wasn't a very good game for us. We have a lot of work to do after this weekend."

On if there is any lack of focus on the team

"No. This was a night game, it was a big game. It was the most important game of the season because it was a night game. We just came out and didn't play with the tempo and rhythm we're used to."

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