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Quotes from Dennis Allen's conference call - Saturday, October 6

Defensive coordinator Dennis Allen spoke to the media following practice on Saturday, October 6

New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen - Conference Call with New Orleans Media - Saturday, October 6, 2018

Did we see all of you ribbing Marshon (Lattimore) last Sunday and did it end there or did that keep going after that?
"No. It pretty much ended there, but listen I know I still got it in my back pocket so if I need to pull it out I'll be able to pull it out."

Did you agree with his explanation that he was trying to cut it back and it wasn't there on the fumble return where he failed to score?
"I did not agree with this explanation." 

How glad were you just to see a couple turnovers finally?
"Yeah that was good. One of the points of emphasis that we talked about with our team is man, you know, when you make offenses in this league have to go the long hard way and don't give up those explosive plays and the big chunks in the passing game or in the running game (it's tougher on them). When you don't give up the big chunks to make him go a long way, it's hard to consistently move the ball in this league when you're able to do that defensively. So that was one of the points of emphasis we made and when we do make teams have to do that then we have takeaway opportunities." 

How do you think (Taylor) Stallworth has been playing?
"I think he's been playing really really well. I think he's been a great addition to our team. A good young player, he plays physical in the run game. He also has some athleticism, gives us a little bit a pass rush. There were a couple of plays with him turning, getting out of the stack and chasing down the ballcarrier or getting in on a tackle on an underneath throw. So I think that's been really good."

How did he so quickly earn the trust to have such a big role while (Tyeler) Davison was out?
"I think most of it had to do with a demonstrated ability. He was a guy that we identified fairly early in camp as a potential (candidate) to make our football team. Every day, when you would watch him, you just saw him getting just a little bit better and better every day. So certainly that confidence has grown from when we put him in games and put him in those situations he's performed well. So certainly the confidence in him is not something that's given it's something that's earned. I think he's earned that." 

What's the key with some of the stuff they like to do with the options and the RPOs just to get by that?
"Well, I think certainly the first thing is a little bit of formation recognition and understanding what types of plays you're going to get based on how they get aligned. Then I think secondly it's guys putting their eyes in the right spot and making sure that they're doing their job. Obviously, this is option football at times with what they do and so option football is assignment football and making sure you're doing your job. So they force you with what they do to have to play disciplined and they force you to have to execute your assignment exactly right every time."

How do you think Kurt Coleman has played so far?
"Kurt Coleman's been solid. I think he's been a good addition to our team. Obviously we feel good about having both him and Vonn (Bell) play in the strong safety position. We've kind of used those guys in different packages each and every week, depending on the offense we play. That kind of dictates know playtime and who's playing the majority of the snaps. I think having both of those guys have been really good for us."

Is it fair to call (Kurt) Coleman the base safety and Vonn (Bell) kind of the sup-package safety?
"That's certainly how we've operated through the first four weeks of the season. I think having those guys in those roles and I think that fits you know a lot of the things that they do well and put those guys in those situations."

Is that just because Kurt (Coleman) is better against the run and Vonn (Bell) is better against the pass?
"I think Kurt is probably a little bit better player closer to the box, in the run game and things of that nature. I think Vonn presents a little bit better athleticism kind of out in space and so that's kind of how we've used them. Both of them understand what their role is and both of them have performed well within their role."

What sort of contributions have you been getting from the linebackers in the pass rush, for example with Demario Davis on Sunday?
"Well, certainly I think last week with Demario we got a little bit out of them in terms of a pass rush. Every week, from a gameplan standpoint, we'll have a few different things that we'll try to do to get pressure on the quarterback. Sometimes it's linebackers, sometimes it's secondary players, but I think overall I've been pleased with the play (of) the linebackers."

Would you consider last week a step in the right direction actions as far as organization and communications?
"Well, certainly I thought it was a positive in terms of how we played on defense. Look I think this is a process that we all go through, coaches and players. We've got to do a good job of putting together a plan that allows our players to do what they do best and putting the plan in to where there's not too many things that they have to be checking or making some sort of adjustment, putting them out there, tell them what to expect, and letting them go play. I thought that was a lot better last week."

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