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Quotes from Demario Davis and Terron Armstead's conference calls - October 2, 2018

Saints linebacker Demario Davis and offensive tackle Terron Armstead spoke to the media on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Demario Davis - Conference Call with New Orleans Media - Tuesday, October 2, 2018

After watching the film, how would you evaluate what the defense did on Sunday afternoon as a group?
"I think we did good job of following through with our goals. We just have to be good in the run game, try to be good in the pass game, try to get pressure on the quarterback. We did well on those things."

Looking ahead to Monday night, what challenges do the Redskins offense present to the defense?
"You've got a veteran quarterback, two really good running backs, a really good tight end, really skilled receivers. It's going to be a challenge for us so we're going to have to be ready to play some good football."

What's the toughest part about going against Adrian Peterson?
"He's a really intense runner. He's been one of the best running backs in the game for a long time. He can do it all. Run, block, catch out of the backfield. We're going to have our hands full so we've got to be ready."

What is your comfort level now in this defense and the schemes that D.A. (Dennis Allen) is employing does it allows you to play faster?
"Oh yeah. I'm comfortable in this scheme. Each and every week I'm just going to try to continue and get better, be the best player I can be, understand what my role is week in and week out, try to execute as best as possible, and help the defense be successful."

Does it add to the challenge when the Redskins have those two different styles of running backs with Adrian Peterson being the physical guy and then (Chris) Thompson being the guy that can burn you catching the ball out of the backfield?
"Yes, I think in the game nowadays most teams try to have a solid one-two punch and they have definitely got it. There definitely won't be any letting up from their standpoint. As the whole game goes on, we've got to be good on first and second down. We are going to have our hands full with them and (on) third down too. It's going to definitely take a team effort."

It seems like through four games the defense has gone every other week with a rough performance then a good performance. What can you guys do to make sure you carry over the strong performance from Sunday to this the next game?
"I think we just have to continue to focus on our goals and try to execute doing those. Trying to stop the run, tackle well, be good in the red zone, creating takeaways, pressuring the quarterback. I think when we do our goals we're successful and when we don't hit our goals we're not."

What was your reaction when you saw Mark (Ingram) at the airport?
"I think everybody was just happy to see him. He's a huge part of our team and where we're trying to go. We were really just trying to keep the ship right until he got back. It is a huge addition having him back to the team. There's never been a doubt in our mind that he believes in this team, how much he cares about this team and so him just being at the airport wasn't a shock at all. He's just a guy that's ready to get back to work."

How big is it that you're getting involved with the pass rush? When you guys can bring pressure from the linebacking corps and maybe even the secondary, how much does that help what you do?
"I have always thought that was a strength of (the) game. Just playing downhill. attacking the line of scrimmage, getting in the backfield, (and affecting) the run game, getting after the quarterback. I'm always happy to do that. Whenver the scheme allows for us backers to move around and play, that's what we try to do. We try to wreak havoc in the backfield."

New Orleans Saints Offensive Tackle Terron Armstead - Conference Call With New Orleans Media - Tuesday, October 02, 2018

What does Mark (Ingram) look like so far? Does he look like he is ready to contribute already?
"Most definitely. He looks ready. He's ready to roll. He met us at the airport when we landed from New York. Excited. Everybody's excited to see him. He's ready."

What was that scene like when everyone saw him at the airport?
"Just joy. Excitement. Mark is a guy loved by the entire locker room and organization. It's just his energy that he brings. His positivity he brings to the team. His energy is contagious."

You guys got the run game going a little bit more on Sunday against the Giants, but how much are you looking forward to having Mark (Ingram) back and continuing that probably with him?
"Mark is a huge addition. Huge addition. We've been trying to get this run game going since week 1. We've had some success these last two games. Just want to build on that. I feel like our offense works best when – not just the offense, our entire team works best when the run game is going. When we can impose our will on opposing defenses." 

Coach (Dan) Roushar said last week how it's been cool to see you be able to use your full arsenal and not be limited by injury. What's it been like to be able to do everything you want to do blocking?
"It's been fun. It's been great just being out there with the guys really. Suiting up with the guys every week, practice and games. Talking. Us trying to problem solve different things that come during a game. It's the great game of football. So just being able to be out there with those guys has been the best part of it."

How would you assess guys a quarter of the way through the season protecting Drew (Brees)?
"We've done some things well. We've also got some areas to improve on individually and collectively. Some miscommunications. Things happen during a game, but we're always working to get better. Myself personally, I've still got a lot of things to clean up and a lot of room for improvement and that's a good thing. That's an exciting part of it. Continue to work, continue to get better and nobody's getting complacent."

How do you feel like you played overall?
"I've done some things well. At this early part of season, I've got some things that I'd definitely want to do better and will do better. I'll put in the work to do better. So it's work in progress and that's for all of us up front. We strive to be one of the best units in the game and all our individual improvements will go forth into our collective improvement."

Drew (Brees) is on the verge of breaking the NFL passing yards record and I know that he's the only quarterback that you've had in the NFL, but what has it been like to play with him?
"You guys already know how I feel about Drew and where I think he ranks in the quarterback standings all-time. It has been great. It has been unbelievable watching him work. Working with him. The friendship we've built, relationship we've built over time, I mean it'd be great for him to get that record coming up. Not a focus. It's not like something in the gameplan, 'Get Drew Brees the record.' We set out to win the game. If we got to run the ball for 200 yards and throw for 100 yards, that's what we'll do."

I know you and a lot of the guys say he's the greatest of all time. What do you think sets him apart from like a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, guys like that?
"Those guys are great. It definitely is an argument that anybody can draw when you are talking about those guys. I just think Drew has his level of consistency. The numbers. You want to just look at the numbers. His level of consistency, preparation, work ethic. I mean he's just a special guy. He's sacrificed and dedicated his entire life to being the best of all time. I feel that he's reached that and he feels that he's still got some more work to do, which is the beauty of it."

You guys put up 33 points, but there were four trips to the red zone where you guys ended up settling for field goals. After looking at the film, what do you think can be cleaned up there?
"I believe the Giants did a really good job of contesting everything. Trying to give different looks up front with different guys in Drew's face. Testing goals. We had some opportunities to make some tough plays, tough catches we're accustomed to making. That's what it is every week. You never know how it's going to unfold, but our defense came to play and kept giving us opportunities. Kept giving us the ball and we were able to get rolling in the second half."

Is it any different for you scheme-wise or blocking-wise when Taysom (Hill) gets in the game? I know he's kind of a different offensive weapon for you all.
"We have a certain amount of plays for Taysom that you never know exactly where he's going to be. So you're just trying to do whatever you possibly can to give him an opening. If he's giving it to 'AK' (Alvin Kamara) or giving it to Taysom, it's a little bit of a different angle you've got to take, because you don't know who actually has the ball when you're going to the second level. So it's a small little different angle that you have to take to completely cover up the back, as opposed to 'AK' got it going this way or Taysom has it going the other way. So it's a small adjustment"

How is it being 3-1 knowing that there are improvements to be made?
"You would definitely prefer to be sitting in this situation as opposed to a different record not playing your best football. We've done a lot of things really well and we have done some things that would potentially get us beat going forward. So for us to be 3-1 right now with those improvements already on film and those problems on film, I think it's a great thing for us. You don't want to peak too early, so we kind of know the areas we need to improve on and we're able to focus on that."

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