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Quotes from Cameron Jordan and Mark Ingram's Conference Call

Defensive end, Cameron Jordan and running back, Mark Ingram, speak to the media on victory Monday, Dec. 4.

Second game action gallery from the Saints-Panthers Week 13 matchup.

New Orleans Saints DE Cameron Jordan
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, December 4, 2017

*What's the biggest challenge about the short week Thursday games? *"Normally the biggest challenge is getting guys healthy, getting guys right, game planning in enough time. But when you talk about week 14 technically, now it doesn't matter if you guys are trying to bounce back and get healthy. At this point the body probably needs two or three days of recovery and we don't have that kind of time."

How much did Mark Ingram II*'s long run juice you guys up yesterday? *"When he takes off that early in the game with that strong of a run, you get super-excited. Seeing a guy being able to perform the way he does and at the same time it makes it that much more pressure on the defense to step up and get rolling. I think we did just that. We responded well."

*With the offense going for it on fourth down in the first drive, what does that do to boost up the team? *"That was a hell of a run by Alvin Kamara. He almost got stopped. Nine times out of 10 if it had have been anyone else they would have gone down. His balance is amazing. That's really what's separating him from a lot of different running backs."

*I'm sure you always want to get after the quarterback but just knowing how good the receivers are with the Falcons, is there any extra pressure with getting pressure on Matt Ryan? *"Yes, of course. But even watching the Vikings game this morning, watching them play against a variety of different teams, we talk about Matt Ryan's release. His release is quick. They probably have one of the strongest wide receiver groups in the game. It is going to be strictly on the D-line to get their hands out and try and knock a few down to try to disrupt the quarterback as much as we can. We have a task ahead of us the next couple of days."

*Statistically, yesterday was a lot better than the previous two games against Washington and L.A., beyond the statistics do you kind of remember what you saw and felt with the unit over the course of the game? *"Statistically, I can't speak to the statistics. I do know at the end of the day we did enough to get a win. Even when two weeks ago, when you talk about that Redskins game. I do not know what it does statistically but that being said it does a heap for us in the confidence department when you talk about knowing you can go into a battle and be down and come back and win those games. That's what's important. When you talk about going out to L.A., you know we lost that but it made us even more hungry. (It) Brought us an even more desperate factor to win this next game. So you play a team twice. You play a team like the Panthers, that's something that you have to be the most deadly team and I feel like we were."

We did not get to see any of Taysom Hill because he was not with you during training camp, but talk about what does he do for the scout team and helping you guys get prepared?"When he's in, he gets us pretty right. He's gets us pretty right. In terms of what does do, honestly, Chase (Daniel) is more of the scout team quarterback. Taysom gets in every now and again, but clearly when he's in the game he is pretty effective on special teams in a large way."

*Coming back on a short week like this, are you glad you're facing more of a pocket passer than a guy you saw like yesterday? *"Sure. At this point, we were able to get back to Cam (Newton) a couple of times. A.J (Klein) got a sack. I was close to at least one or two of them. Two, three of them. Four if you count the holding. I feel like at the end of the day, it's our job to get to the quarterback so we have to figure out the right way to get there."

*With Ryan's release game as quick as it is often is, we saw you having good hands and just having your hands up against Detroit, I don't know if you think that is a similar kind of challenge but can you just talk about maybe the emphasis on getting hands up this year and how it might play into this game? *"Yes, we talk about the ability to get your hands up. The ability to possibly bring his hands down. This is something that we have to be aware of. At the end of the day, he's a hell of a quarterback. When we talk about the quarterbacks in our division, clearly we have (several of) the top 10 quarterbacks in the league, we have a clear cut three of the top 10. When you talk about the competitor that is Jameis Winston he's probably not too far outside of the top 10. When you talk about the strength of the quarterbacks in our division, you'd probably start off with our quarterback Drew Brees and then Cam Newton and Matt Ryan and then Jameis. When you have those guys in your division, it just makes you that more hungry to get to the quarterback."

*I don't know if you have seen this but Steve Spagnuolo is the interim head coach in New York, what do you think about that? *"Good for him. I worked with him for a year. He's a good guy. With that being said, it's been five years since I had him. I have no ill wishes or positive wishes for him. I wish him the best as I do any other person."

I know we were joking about the durable defender thing with the Craig Robertson gameday cover, but in all honesty why do you think you've been so durable for most of your career, starting 93 consecutive games, the longest current streak for an active NFL defensive end?"I mean Craig Robertson is a durable defender on the magazine. In terms of my durability, I have no idea. I think more explosive is the word durability brings to the table. That's why we were making fun of it so much. When you talk about the word durability, durable's a guy that just hangs around. Durable's not what Craig Robertson is to our team. Durable is not what I am to our team. Durable is not a word that I use so lightly in describing any of our defenders so I talk about durable I sort of listen and laugh. But in terms of being able to play seven years and play however many games I have played (and) started however many games I have started, at the end of the day what's important I would like to say I am going for a win every game. I am gunning to make that tackle in every game I play. When you talk about the ability to get pressure, irritate the hell out of the quarterback, that is my goal every game, so durability does not come to mind. What comes to mind is having that infection mindset where we're riding on offenses. We're the attackers. We're the aggressors. And we're making off just us and that's what comes to mind. Durable is not one of those."

New Orleans Saints RB Mark Ingram II

*What does it do for the confidence of the whole team when you go for it on fourth and goal? *"It just means he (Coach Payton) has a lot of confidence in us. When your coach shows faith in you like that you definitely want to be able to execute and be able me make (his choice) right. That confidence makes you want to come through for him."

*Do you look forward to opportunities like that?
"We just have an expectation to be great and coach will be aggressive and there will be times where he won't be. We have to be able to be aggressive with him and be able to overcome whatever the situation is and execute and get a first down or a touchdown. Whatever situation they present we have to be able to withstand an execute."

*What have you learned over the years that has helped you get ready for games with such a short turnaround? *"Everything's accelerated, you have to recover quicker and have a solid gameplan that everybody's familiar with (that allows) guys to play fast and know their assignments. Everything's accelerated and recovery's accelerated and we just have to be ready to go."

What does it say about Brandon Coleman running with you to throw another block?"It says a lot about what type of player he is. He's very selfless, laying it all on the line to make sure his teammate gets one extra yard or maybe spring him and get him the touchdown. He always does that and a lot of it goes unnoticed, but within the locker room he's very valuable for us (with) his ability to block for the run and his ability to stretch the field and score touchdowns in the red zone. He is a strong asset to our team and I'm glad that I'm out there with him."

*Did you ever think it would be possible for two running backs to do what you and Alvin Kamara are accomplishing? *"I felt like it was a possibility if we ran the ball. I just know the offense is wide open and it puts us in primary position to make plays. I feel like we give the backs carries and I felt like it was possible especially for one (guy), maybe not two. But it's just crazy how it's happening this year. I've been preparing well (and) the offensive line, receivers, tight ends, full backs (have as well). Our gameplans from our coaches, everything's been going well. We've been executing it's just crazy how it's been happening." u5:p

*Does it make you rethink one guy needing all the touches since you both get the perfect amount? *"I still want to be in there more and carry the ball more, but it's working and there's enough touches for both of us. We are both staying healthy, we're both staying fresh and we're able to make it work and we're able to help put our team in position to win games and that's what we want to do and that's what we prepare for."

*Have you seen one nickname for you and Alvin that you like best? *"I think there one like boom and zoom. I like that one. You see them all over the place. There was one boom and zoom and I think there was a smash and dash, but I think the boom and zoom is my favorite one so far. It's kind of unique and I haven't really heard of that before. That's been my favorite one so far. There have been a lot that I've seen in my mentions. It's just fun to look at."

*Are you ok with being the boom or smash? *"See boom is all of it. It is explosive, fast, powerful. I do not mind boom, it is like BOOM. I do not want a nickname that just makes me seem like the big power back because that is not me. I can do that, but I try to be a big power back, but I feel like I can do it all and be versatile in many ways. I like a name that can reflect that. I like boom and zoom."

*How cool was the role reversal for you to be the zoom and Alvin the boom on your big runs on Sunday, when you showed some speed and elusiveness on the 72-yard run and he showed the physicality you are known for on a few? *"Like I said you really cannot label one of us. Both of us have the complete package and he can run physical, he can run strong, he is hard to tackle. He can get in space and make you miss and hit home runs. When I get the chance I like to show my speed and hit home runs. When I get my number called in between the tackles or guards I like to be able to run hard and physical. I want to be that complete package speed, explosion, power."

*How crazy is it that 66 players went ahead of Alvin Kamara in the draft? *"The draft still has unknown guys. Sometimes you hit early, sometimes you don't. It is just an unknown science. He's proving that right now."

*I assume you have no problems with the CFP committee's selection of Alabama for the playoff? *"No. I have no problem with it at all. Ohio State got in last year and didn't win the (conference) Championship game. They set the precedent. We lost to a good Auburn team and that was our only loss of the year. If we didn't get in, it was our fault, but we were able to get in."

*What's your impression of the offensive line responding from last week and having to be versatile and move around? *"Since day one, these guys are a special unit of players. From Terron Armstead, to Andrus Peat, to Max Unger, Larry Warford, Ryan Ramczyk, do not forget Zach Strief and Senio Kelemete filling in. Senio does whatever he can do, left tackle, left guard, right tackle. He is just an ace for us on the offensive line and a special player being able to plug (him) in. Peat moved from guard to tackle and those guys need to keep playing at a high level an elite level. Maybe somewhere they are uncomfortable since they have not been there all year. It just says a lot about how special they are, how versatile they are and how important they are to our offense."

*Did you talk to Max Unger about him pushing the pile on that first down run? *"I knew he hit me or pushed me for the extra half yard I needed, but that is Max. You always see him on film downfield pushing the pile. Larry Warford was downfield pushing blockers down that we're trying to tackle me as well. Those guys can cover downfield and I'm glad that I have those guys as my linemen. They are the best in the league." 

*What does it feel like when they enter the pile? *"Yeah usually a defenders trying to pull you the wrong way. They get to you and try to push you the right way. It gives you a little extra boost trying to push and drive your legs and get a little extra spring or power to push you for however many yards it will be. When they come down and push the pile it's definitely helpful helpful."

*Does it give you a second wind? *"You just fighting for everything and get a little extra help. Maybe get a little extra power. Definitely helpful when you're fighting for more yards and get to a point where you can move anymore and they push you forward. Its good."

*When Max Unger hits you is that more boom or zoom? *"That's definitely boom. Yeah he boomed me forward for the first down."

*When the was first time you saw Alvin Kamara jump into the stands?
"We'd been talking about it. He'd been doing the jump and he said he was going to jump up in there next time. I was like, yeah go up in there. He has turned it up ever since. I like it. It's pretty cool."

*Is it crazy since the wall is so high?
"Yeah you have to jump and pull yourself up and he's been doing it. He's been getting in there partying. It's cool." 

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