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Quotes from Brandin Cooks and Cameron Jordan's Monday Conference Calls

Audio and quotes from WR Brandin Cooks and DE Cameron Jordan's Monday conference calls with local media

New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Brandin Cooks
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, November 14, 2016

What's the biggest challenge trying to get ready for this Thursday night game?
"Just sticking to your routine and whatever your recovery routine is, just doubling up on it and doing it that way. The good thing is it's a division opponent it takes less weight off of it, but with such a quick turnaround it's all about just recovering faster."

Did you and Michael Thomas end up hanging out?
"No we didn't, but I ended up calling and checking on him. He's doing well, stuff happens and we learn from it as younger guys. We have to learn how to bounce back and there is no question in my mind what he will do. I will continue to push him and be there for him and that's what it's about and that's what it will be about."

How gratifying were some of those physical, tough catches against one of the most physical defenses in the NFL and how do you continue to not just be a deep threat?
"It is one of those things, I know that's what I can do. It was just a matter of having the opportunity to do it when they (opportunities) present themselves taking advantage of it. Be able to put that on film for the coaches and get them to understand, which I think they already do that I'm a tough player and I'm going to continue to work at that, to not just be one-dimensional and that's what I continue to remind them that I feel like they trust me and the team is putting me in position when the time comes."

What did you think of how Drew (Brees) rebounded and hit like 12 passes in a row?
"Yeah, as the old saying goes it's not how you start it's how you finish and we didn't have the best start, we started slow. Which we can't do against a team like that, but for us to get back and get into the groove, we needed it sooner or later and obviously you expect nothing less from this offense. Sooner or later we're going to click and when we do we'll get on that roll. It just happened to be in my opinion a little too late."

Where does this stack up as one of the strangest finishes to a game that you have ever experienced?
"That is the strangest one that I've ever been a part of. Crazy, I haven't been a part of anything like this so it was definitely the craziest one."

How do you handle a game like that, do you evaluate everything else?
"First of all, you have to evaluate everything. The way I look at it as a competitor and as a guy on the offensive side of the ball, if we start fast we would not be in that position. Our defense played lights out, held them to 20 points, so the way I look at as is, hey the offense needs to start faster and we have to come up with points earlier. We can't just wait till the end so that's the way I look at it."

Does having a divisional opponent coming in the next four days make it a lot easier to re-focus the way you need to?
"Yes, one thing I said was the best thing that can happen for us right now is the sooner we have the next game the better and for it to be coming up in four days that's the best thing that can happen for this team right now, so we can get back to what we need to get back too, especially against a division opponent and where we are sitting at."

How did it feel to get back for a punt return?
"It felt good, it's been a while so it was good to at least get one in last night and kind of knock some of that rust off, like I said it felt good being back out there."

Do you have any expectations that you will keep returning punts?
"Whatever the coach says, whatever we need I'm willing to do so we will evaluate it this week. It's a short week so we will see what's going to happen."

New Orleans Saints Defensive End Cameron Jordan
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, November 14, 2016

What is the challenge in terms of you guys playing so many defensive snaps and then trying to get ready for Thursday?
"There is no challenge. We lost a game that leaves a bad taste in your mouth and now we get a chance for redemption. We've got to go into Carolina with the same mindset of trying to dominate physically up front and let everything take care of itself."

How would you evaluate the game you had yesterday?
"The game that we had defensively, I think was pretty decent. I don't know exactly the number that they ended up on but I know that it wasn't enough. Defensively, we did some good things but at the same time we need to tighten up on the back end. There is clearly some disconnect we have that we have to clear up by Thursday. (Carolina) still has such a potent offense that we have to be able to contain."

Were you encouraged by the consistency of the pass rush, especially from the line?
"We had a chance to do a four-man rush. If you look at some of the games that we have won and have gotten pressure on the quarterback, we have done it with a lot of four-man. In other games, it hasn't been that right formula. With that being said, every game we go in and it's just something that we focus on - trying to put pressure on the quarterback and making him as uncomfortable as he can be."

Coach Payton said that you probably played your best game of the season yesterday against the Broncos; how much do you agree with that? How can you improve on something like that?
"When it comes to the games, all I really care about is winning. That's the nature of the business we're in. With that being said, we definitely did not do enough to win. It is not about personal accolades. It is more along the lines that we have done some good things, lets straighten out the things that we need to correct and move on to Thursday."

Brandin Cooks characterized yesterday's finish as one of the craziest ones he's ever been in; how would you characterize it?
"I've never lost because of a blocked kick and scoring when the guy went out of bounds. With that being said, you cannot put yourself in that positon. You had a clear chance to take over the game (and) to put the defense back on the field as well as we'd performed. We were confident in putting the defense back on the field. With that being said, we've got to do better."

What did you know about Craig Robertson before he signed with you?
"(In 2014) we played Cleveland and we get to know some of the players. You saw the other side but at the same time he has a lot of heart and a lot of charisma. He has definitely came in and knows the defense from the day he took over."

What did you see out of Dannell Ellerbe on the pass rush yesterday?
"Yes, (Dannell) Ellerbe came into the pass rush. He adds a different flavor to it. We had a whole bunch of quarterback hits. The more pressure and the more uncomfortable we can make the quarterback in the pocket, the better off I think we'll be."

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