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QA with Terrell Owens

    **Q: What have you seen in the Saints defense?**

A: Obviously they have a good core group of people in the secondary. Obviously they have a veteran secondary with Darren Sharper who's a good friend of mine and just watching film, obviously I've played in the NFC before. These guys are new for me and me being here with an AFC team, they're going to present some challenges for us and we just have to take advantage of some of those opportunities they might give us.

Q: Talking about Sharper is that a guy who is not playing his age?

A: Sharper keeps himself in great shape. We've hung out over the summer. He's a guy that's a veteran. He knows what it takes to get himself on the field. He still shows he can play this game.

Q: The Saints offense is missing a guy like you. Wouldn't you like to be playing with a guy like Drew Brees who spreads the ball around like he does?

A: They have a good group of guys on the offensive side of the ball, obviously they have a good quarterback in Drew. He's playing great ball, picking up from where he left off last year. You have a guy back there who can assess the defense and read it at his best. I'm sure it's fun to play for a guy like that. We just have to keep those guys off the field in order for us to have a chance to win the game.

Q: How have you adapted to the no huddle offense?

A: I'm getting in shape.

Q: Is the prior toe injury holding you back?

A: No, not at all. I'm full tilt. I'm ready to rock and roll. With this offense, we just have to try to take advantage of the opportunities we have. If we have shots, we take them. We have a great guy in Fred Jackson who's running the ball and making it tough on defenses. I'm just having fun.

Q: How are you adjusting to that nightlife in Buffalo?

A: I stay in the house.

Q: How's your reality show doing and how are the ratings doing?

A: We got it picked up for a second season, so obviously that's a tribute to all the fans that watched it and obviously it was good enough to be picked up for a second season. A lot of people said it wasn't that good. If it wasn't that good we wouldn't be at season two.

Q: Do you find there are more critics on your show than on your football ability?

A: Some of the same guys that take shots at me for football. They're taking shots at me for the show. They can't stop me on or off the field.

Q: Are you a better football player than an actor?

A: I'm definitely by far a better football player than an actor. That's something I want to get into after football and I jump on it and talked to a lot of people in production with my show. Practice makes perfect and once after the season is over I'm going to take some classes and after I'm done, I'm probably going to try to link up with Dwayne Johnson, the Rock and Chris Rock and some other guys, Morris Chestnut, I'm good friends with Jamie Foxx and see where it goes.

Q: You need to be dating yourself a diva?

A: I know. I'm trying to work this thing out. Obviously right now I'm on the market and single, definitely handsome. A handsome guy like me, that helps. They just have to come to Buffalo.

Q: Do you need somebody like Kim Kardashian to date?

A: Yes. I don't know if she's on the market or not. She's good on the eyes.

Q: Do you get an impression that you're energizing a small market like Buffalo?

A: Yes. The buzz has been crazy ever since I signed here. I'm just enjoying it and whatever I can bring to this team and this city, I'm trying my best. It's a great group of guys in this locker room with this team. The coaching staff is great. We have a great PR staff with Scott and Chris Jenkins. They do a wonderful job.

Q: The Saints seem to be a popular pick in this game. What's the underrated thing about you guys that allowed you to bounce back from that week one loss and what people might be overlooking about this team?

A: We're kind of under the radar and underrated because of the fact that we lost to New England, who was a favorite going into the game, but I think anybody knowing if they watched that game, we kind of gave that game away. They did what they were supposed to do when you have turnovers. When you have a guy like Tom Brady and give him an opportunity to make the best of those, that's what happens. It was a tough loss for everybody, but we know that we have a great team. We knew that going into the season, we're going to that game behind us as we did. We're looking forward to that game Sunday. It's not going to be easy. We're not going to underestimate them at all.

Q: How long do you want to keep playing football?

A: I want to keep playing as long as I can stay here with these PR guys we got in Chris Jenkins and Scott. These guys are doing a great job. They're making my life easy in this side in the western New York area. The practice schedule is very conducive for the things that I do. I try to keep myself in shape by eating right and doing the same things off the field. I practice hard. God keeps blessing me. As long as I can do things on the field. I'll play.

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