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QA with Buffalo Bills Head Coach Dick Jauron

            <span style="">Q: Do you know anything about the weather on Sunday?</span>

A: I really don't look that far ahead to be honest with you. I thought it was going to rain on our practice today. It was really cloudy, but it didn't rain and now I'm just looking at tomorrow.

Q: You have been against some outstanding offensive teams like the Patriots in 2007 and the Kurt Warner led Rams when you coached in Chicago. When you watch the Saints on film, do you think they're in that category?

A: Certainly they're playing like it. There's no doubt about that. You go out in the NFL and put up 45 or 48 points, that's a lot of points going up on the board. They've kind of made it look easy. It's a little scary. We're working hard at it. They've done a terrific job.

Q: Without giving away too many secrets how do you combat it?

A: I'm not sure there are any secrets. You have to do kind of what you think you do best, whatever that is. You don't want to stray too far from those things, because you have to do the things you believe in. You have to try to mix it up a little bit, but he's seen it all. It's very hard to confuse Drew (Brees). He reacts so quickly to things too. It's difficult, but you kind of have to play your game and hope things go your way a little bit and then throw in a few wrinkles to try to confuse him. It's hard, they're very, very talented players, but it starts with the quarterback and he's been around a good deal of time and he's seen most things you can do. It's a tough assignment.

Q: Has your defensive coordinator brought certain wrinkles trying to keep offenses on their toes?

A: Yes. Very much. Perry (Fewell) does a terrific job as does the whole defensive staff. We try to change up enough, just so people can't count on it all the time. I think any good football team and hopefully, we're becoming a good team, any good team that you play on either side of the ball and you'll have a good idea of what they do because they do it and they do it well and that's what makes it a good team. They'll usually change up a little bit on you to throw them off. They know how to counter when you do something.

Q: Does it make Drew Brees even tougher when you talk about the running game the Saints have displayed the last two games?

A: Yes, I think they have a little bit better of a running game. They do an outstanding job. Anytime you can run the ball effectively, not matter who you are, it's going to affect your passing game. Anytime you throw it as well as they do, it's going to help your run game. If you're going to be a team and they are that contends, you have to be able to do both of those things effectively and they are.

Q: If you look at two of Brees' nine touchdown passes going to Heath Evans, who is new here, but someone you're familiar with, can you give your thought of him as a fullback?

A: He's always been a very productive player in his role and fit his role really well. He's athletic for the position, carries out what you ask him to do, always. He always has been that player. It doesn't surprise me. He's a very heady guy.

Q: Using Heath as an example, it seems like Drew spreads the wealth. It doesn't matter who throws the ball to, he's effective. How much does that hinder what you guys do?

A: It definitely is a factor, but all of the really, really good ones and he's a really, really good one, they tend to take what you give them or what the defense gives him. The ball usually goes where it's supposed to do, depending on what coverage you're in, those kinds of issues. You just kind of assume with him that the ball is going to go where it's supposed to go. It doesn't make any difference generally with the really good quarterbacks, where that is, where the offensive scheme dictates where it goes against your defensive scheme, that's where it goes and those guys do that really well. He's no exception. He does a terrific job of reading what you're playing and deliver the ball, who's supposed to get it.

Q: The Saints have scored on the first possession in all four halves they have played so far. As an old defensive coach, what does it do when you get behind that quick and behind the eight ball that quick?

A: I would say yes (tough to come back). There's no doubt when you get scored on anytime it's tough. Opening drives, you definitely don't' want to give up points on any drive, so anytime it happens, it's a tough situation. Whenever it occurs you go to the bench and regroup. That's the great thing about sport or everything. It doesn't always go your way. Sometimes it doesn't go your way early. You have to regroup because there's a long way to go and you have to battle through 60 minutes and this will be no different. They just have put up so many points; it's a little bit daunting to go up against it.

Q: What have you seen on Scott Shanle on film?

A: He obviously looks like a very smart player, productive player, understands the scheme and understands what the offense is trying to do. He puts himself in positions to make the play, whether it's run or pass and then he makes the play, so he has been impressive.

Q: TO was brought to your team to help bolster your passing game, but it looks like he hasn't maybe put up the numbers that we in the media might expect. Is it what teams are doing to him?

A: First of all, he put up a big number. He put up six in the end zone in the last game and that's a huge number for us. Secondly, anytime he's on the field he affects the game. He affects the opponent, he affects what defense you want to call against him, because anytime you single him up, it's not a very comfortable feeling. He's been a terrific addition for us. Anytime he steps out on that field, he affects the game. I've been on the opposite side of calling against him and it's not fun. His numbers, he always has produced and he produced again this week and even in the frit week, because he does affect what you call and that does affect the game. It affects what happens inside to every other receiver we have and even opposite him with Lee (Evans) on the other side. It's been really good.

Q: Can a little undersized corner like Jabari Greer match up okay with your receivers and what do you remember about Jabari and was it a tough decision to let him go?

A: We love Jabari Greer. He's a terrific player for us, first of all on special teams and as a starting corner. He obviously has athletic skills and a great attitude. He's very interesting and a great personality. I look forward to seeing him. I wish he wasn't opposite us, but I look forward to seeing him. He's a tremendous young person.

Q: Was him not resigning with Buffalo more of a numbers thing for him since you had drafted Leodis McKelvin?

A: I think you kind of answered your own question there.

Q: Were you expecting this type of production from Fred Jackson with Marshawn Lynch suspended?

A: Yes. Absolutely from Fred. We know Fred. He's a terrific player and a terrific teammate too. It's been tough. We miss Marshawn, but Freddy's done an outstanding job and it's not a surprise, not if you know him.

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