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QA with Bucs Head Coach Raheem Morris

    <span>              <span style="">Q: When you put on film of the Saints this year, does number 91 stands out on defense?</span>                  

A: On defense, what's impressive is how much movement you get from everybody and how active they are on defense. 91 is playing well. Charles Grant is playing well. They are all playing well up front. With that improved secondary, Tracy Porter unfortunately got hurt, a guy that I know really well and a guy that I like a lot. I don't know if it was unfortunate for me, but it was unfortunate for the Saints, but he's out and whatever happened to him I hope he gets back fast, but just the speed of the whole defense and the continuity they're playing with is just impressive.

Q: Did you guys install Josh Freeman as the starting quarterback because it's part of a rebuilding effort or because you thought he gave you guys the best chance to win right away.

A: He gives us the best chance to win. We knew that. It was his time. It was time. We went through Byron Leftwich. We didn't get a win. Byron Leftwich did a great job for us when he was out there. There were some other factors involved and then also we went to Josh Johnson. Josh gave us a chance to win at the time. Our offensive line was a little banged up and he gave us a chance to move around with his feet. Now we're back up to full strength with our o-line and we have those guys out there and with Josh Johnson in the pocket, there would be some balls on the field. We've had a little bit more success on offense, especially in the fourth quarter with the young man out there. He's doing a good job. There are going to be some growing pains. We have to be patient. We have to go through all that with him.

Q: Did his insertion add an element and something for the team to get excited about?

A: I wouldn't really use any ploys. It's Josh Freeman's team. Once we drafted him in the first round, we knew that would be the case. It was just time to unleash him and let him learn how to play this game. It was a great opportunity to get him out there to go against five games in his division that has traditionally been a great one, throughout the whole process.

Q: Can you use the word rebuilding and not offend fans?

A: I really haven't used the word rebuilding. We had a makeshift deal in the beginning here. We had a wholesale wipeout, went to a youth movement. We really wanted to win. We wanted to come out and win every week. We really felt like we could still go win against some quality and good teams like we did against Green Bay. We have to come up with those kinds of efforts every week and we put ourselves in a position last week against Miami to win. Unfortunately it didn't come out that way. We'll come out and give our best effort against a really good New Orleans Saints team.

Q: What do you know about Chris McAlister?

A: He was a great corner in Baltimore. I don't know what he's been doing recently, but I'm sure when you have that kind of background and you understand defense and understand what you want to do, he'll help the football team right away. He'll give his best effort and we look forward to seeing him coming out there and doing that.

Q: What do you know about Drew Brees? Have you been encouraged by some of his recent turnovers?

A: Are you kidding me? He doesn't make mistakes. He gives his players opportunities to catch the ball. They either catch them for him or they don't. He's the ultimate quarterback. He's kind of like a robo-quarterback so to speak. He gets the job done. He has a bunch of good guys around him like Marques Colston, who's from Hofstra, Lance Moore, some of those other guys, Devery Henderson and Robert Meachem that's come along this year that's really been the guy standing out from the receiver corps, because he's the one guy I haven't seen as much due to injuries the last couple years, but he's been stepping it up this year. Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas has really carried the load as far as some of the running plays that Deuce McAllister used to do for you guys and some of the guys in the past. That offense just in general has been lights out. Everything's going the way it should go and I would expect nothing less from a Sean Payton coached football team.

Q: What would beating the Saints mean to your first year program?

A: That's really what we're trying to do. We're really trying to be out there as spoilers to everybody else. We were given, I don't know what the rankings were, top four in schedule if you want to talk about it being hard and those things. It's been fun. Now we have a chance to play all the best teams because at one point in this league, if you want to be good enough to compete against anybody in this league and when you can go out there and get an opportunity to play against some of these guys and get some confidence against guys like the Saints and go out there and play well, we're going to try to win the football game of course, but we want to get out there and give our best efforts enough to perform well enough to win and go out there and be our best self.

Q: Has it been a hard sell to get everybody on board or has there been a lot of enthusiasm?

A: There's been a lot of enthusiasm. I have a tough football team. Mentally tough and physically tough as well. I don't know if you watched it on tape, but these guys played hard and we haven't come out and won a lot, but they're a hard playing football team. We were really outmatched one game against the New York Giants. That was the one game where I don't feel like we competed as well as we could, but for the most after that, it has been really competitive, intense games. We just haven't come out on top as much as we'd like to. The last two weeks have been signs of where we can go and signs of what we can be. These guys are starting to buy in and do some of the positive things to do to compete at this level.

Q: Have you changed much of your defense from the previous regime?

A: The previous regime we worked with we tried to transform it a little bit to this package we're in right now. We just transformed over to it. There's not much difference. There's a lot of the same coverages, little different verbiage, different teachings and some more understanding of different things we may not have talked about before. We have all the stuff we had before. We've just added some things we needed to add from before and now we're just putting it all together. We have a bunch of young guys that have to buy into it and grow into it together and see where we can go.

Q: They say that once a rookie has made it through a number of games he's not a rookie anymore. Are you still a rookie head coach?

A: I don't' know. You have to ask my team that. I'm getting better and better every day as well. If there's something…There's no handbook for head coaching. You go into the job, you have to be your best self. What I'm doing is going out there and trying to lead men and that's my job. My job is to lead men to come in here and give our best effort and put them in a position to win.

Q: Are there any surprises to the job?

A: Not really surprises. The only thing that's different is the amount of media presentation that you have to deal with. Other than that, it's been like leading a big DB room. That's how we take it and that's how we approach. All those guys feel that way.

Q: Are there any plans to use the Wildcat against the Saints?

A: I haven't shown any wildcat on tape yet. I don't think we have any plans to use the wildcat. If we do, I'm not telling Sean Payton anyway.

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