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Q & A with Wes Welker

    <span>              <span style="">Question: Can you put last week's performance into perspective and how that works into the whole Patriots game plan?</span>                
            <span style="">Wes Welker: </span>I don't think it really fits it too much. We have a lot of weapons around here as do the Saints. There's a similar type of offense and things and I think week to week it's always different guys kind of stepping up and making plays and last week it happened to be mine.  

Question: Do you see any similarities between yourself and Lance Moore?

Wes Welker: Yes. I see a lot of similarities in terms of quickness and the way he runs around and in and out of breaks and makes some tough catches and things. Yes, I definitely see a lot of similarities.

Question: I'm sure you're aware of the some of the injuries to hit the Saints secondary. What are your thoughts about how they're trying to restock the roster here?

Wes Welker: Yes, I think a lot of people put a lot of emphasis on that. We had the same thing going into Indy. I think with the pass rush and the way they blitz and things like that can present problems and they can almost plug anybody in there and have success.

Question: A lot has been made about quarterback play, the way Drew Brees is playing and how he compares to Tom Brady. When you look at those guys, do you favor one over the other? I know you'd say Tom, but what do you see in Drew?

Wes Welker: Obviously I favor Tom. I was with Drew in San Diego when I started out, so I know Drew well, the type of work ethic he brings is obviously a big asset to what the Saints have been able to do this year and in years past. He's definitely a great player, one of the league's best and you can't say enough good things about the guy, the type of leadership and the type of play he brings every week.

Q: What makes Tom different from Drew?

Wes Welker: I don't know. Drew can probably run a little bit better. That's probably for sure. They both have similar type of playing styles, great leaders and want what's best for the team and through a lot of areas they're similar in a lot of ways.

Question: The Saints have talked about wanting to be like the Patriots for a number of years. You have Rex Ryan saying he doesn't want to kiss the Patriots rings and you have another big game against a team that says they're trying to be like you guys. Does that make any difference to you at all?

Wes Welker: No, not really. We just want to go out there and play our type of game. We don't get caught up in too much of all the other stuff and just making sure we go out there and do our jobs on a weekly basis.

Question: In terms of being a professional and getting the respect and you hear them call you the team of the decade and they're playing against you guys and instead of trash talking, they're saying how great you are and how they want to emulate you, does that have any impact on you at all?

Wes Welker: No, again, we just worry about us and what we need to do and get better and play well on a weekly basis.

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