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Q&A with Drew Brees on WWL Radio

Drew Brees talks about the Saints season, Sean Payton, his contract, his foot injury and young Saints stars

Drew Brees was a guest on WWL Radio Wednesday night. Brees spoke with Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert about the Saints season, his foot inury, Sean Payton, Saints ownership and young players that he is excited about. Below are quotes from the interview:

What was your reaction to Sean Payton confirming he would be staying with the New Orleans Saints?

"Obviously, I'm very excited that he's back and honestly I had a good feeling about it. I know the vision that's been laid out from the entire time that we've been here. Especially from last year to this year. Obviously last year's 7 -9 team was completely different than this year's 7-9 team. I think we all finished last season really kind of depressed, disappointed, extremely disappointed, with that season ended but also feeling like our team wasn't where it needed to be. The comradery, the character of the leadership and a lot of changes were made last off season.
"We went out and acquired some guys through free agency that we felt fit that mold and acquired some guys in the draft that we felt that mold and I felt like while we were still maybe a bit young this year and probably made some mistakes, lost some games that we shouldn't have, at the end of the day, we ended this season very excited about our future. A lot of the young players that we have, the character, the leadership and the foundation that's been built for moving forward."

How much does it factor in with Sean Payton being here in your decision to also be here? I know you love New Orleans, to maybe restructure your contract and be a Saint, to play the rest of the career in New Orleans and maybe work with the Saints to restructure your deal or going forward, is that something that you think with Sean being here that brings stability and that's something that you would definitely take into consideration?

"There are a lot of things that going into every offseason that you think about. I mean you're thinking about where we're trying to get better, how are we trying to make acquisitions, are we doing it through free agency, are we doing it through the draft, who potentially are we losing, what positions do we have to fill, what's our cap situation like. I know my cap number is really high next year being that as money is guaranteed throughout the course of my contract it basically pushes some of the owing of that into my last year which next year is my last year so obviously that cap number is very high. I plan on playing in New Orleans as long as my career goes and I hope that's at least a few more years, quite a bit longer. I don't plan on playing anywhere else, I don't plan on playing for any other coach and I'm very confident as those things kind of come together, that everything will work out the way it's supposed to. I've always taken that stance that any conversation that takes place between myself, Mickey Loomis, Sean Payton, Mr. Benson, in regards to my contract, my agent, those things stay in house with us and when there is news to be reported, that is when we will report it."  

Sean Payton acknowledged that he's excited about the young players on the team and who excites you when you when you look at not only offensively but defensively when you're practicing against them or you can see their upside, like Stephone Anthony? Just talk about a few young players that Drew Brees gets excited about.

"Another new face this year was Delvin Breaux. Here's a guy who traveled kind of a tough road having that horrific neck injury from back in high school to going to LSU but then very quickly kind of making his way through the arena league and into the CFL and then to us and you're just not knowing what to expect. I feel like he really solidified himself as a top flight corner and a guy who can be a mainstay on our defense for a long time. Cam Jordan is a guy who obviously we drafted and we ended up giving a new contract last year and I just think that shows with him and Mark Ingram II, kind of that class of 2011, both those guys first round picks, both those guys we re-up with contracts last year and both guys I felt like had very good years. Unfortunately, Mark's got cut short by a few games but I think the future is bright for both those guys as well."

Photos of Drew Brees from the 2015 season. Photos by Michael C. Hebert. New Orleans Saints photos.