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Q&A with Cameron Jordan

Cam Jordan talks about his Pro Bowl experience and last season on the Black and Blue Report

Cam Jordan's coming off another double digit sack season and now a Pro Bowl appearance in Hawaii this past week.  He joins us here on the Black and Blue Report. He's always affable and certainly engaging as a guest and we're pleased to have him here.

Cam, first of all, congratulations on the Pro Bowl.  We followed you on social media and it seemed like you and your family were having a great time in Hawaii this past week.

Without a doubt.  We did a lot of fun stuff out in Hawaii.  Of course I'm honored and blessed to be in my second Pro Bowl.  That being said, we lost so you know, whatever, I'm still not good on losing, but it was all fun.

What were some of the highlights? What did you take away from your Pro Bowl experience this time around?

This time around, it was more based around family. Of course, you know my son was having a blast, probably more than us, more than anybody else.  Good weather, I mean great food, good family time. When you get a chance to part of a defensive line that holds Khalil Mack, Everson Griffen and Gerald McCoy, Fletcher Cox and then me.  I mean, I was pretty excited about the defensive line as a whole.  That being said, we got to the game and things turned quite sour fast but leading up to the week it was a blast.  We went to the Polynesian multi-cultural center and we really had a great time.  We got to view and visit the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame and view the likes of Junior Seau and Troy Palamalu who just got inducted.  It was pretty cool.

When you go to these Pro Bowls, Cam, how much of this is enjoyment and kind of a deep breath, a celebration of your season and how much do you pick up from the guys you're around maybe normally that you don't get to spend time with?

Yeah, I mean you see almost a class of 2011 draft class reunion.  I mean there's Tyreke Smith who I've been playing against since he was at SC, he's over at Dallas now.  There's Julio Jones who we broke out together going into the draft in Arizona and now Julio Jones is our arch nemesis and what not.  Then you have A.J. Green who has done major things for the Bengals.  I mean it's just all throughout, of course, Everson Griffen plays for Minnesota where my dad played for thirteen years and he's an Arizona boy.  I mean, Everson and I knew the likes of each other in high school so you know, it's just some guys catching up with guys and having a great time.   

Do you keep anything from Pro Bowl? I know guys hang on to their jerseys or they'll exchange jerseys.  Do you have any memorabilia that you'll hold onto not only just for you but for your family down the road too?

Yeah, I have my team jersey so I'm trying to catch pops so I've got about four more Pro Bowl's I have to hop into.  

*With regard to the Pro Bowl, you know there was conversation in the media and sometimes this is silliness, but the conversations have been going around about the current format of the Pro Bowl and its value and everything else.  For someone like yourself who's not only participated in one, but two, what would you say to those conversations or what would you add, I should say, to those conversations about the relevance of the Pro Bowl, the importance of it and what it means in the NFL calendar? *

I mean, it's a culmination of your sixteen weeks of work.  I mean you're competing at such a high level during the season, it's a nice nod to get a Pro Bowl vote for your season, of course on the initial ballot, not slide in like this one.  I mean it's an honor. There's only so many players that can go to the Pro Bowl.  They take three, you know six at each position and you have to work your butt off to get there.  I mean, people can say whatever about the game, but at that point even then it's still electrifying.  I mean, you've got Russell Wilson out there playing like it was a Super Bowl.  You've got him out there and he threw like three touchdowns.  You got to see some of the young faces like Jameis Winston come in.   It's exciting for the fans playing from my point of view anyways. 

Cam, you've had time to think about this now, when you look back at the season, what do you think about most with regards to this past season?

I mean, we had a lot of opportunities that we just didn't seize control of.  At any given day it's all about carpe diem and we didn't do that on certain days for the most part.  Coming off a season 7-9, I mean we made great strides in the locker room, great strides the second half of the season and cultivated a large group of rookies.  That being said, it just wasn't what we needed to do to get enough wins and that's the end game of it all.  This coming season of course we're going to be looking for the huge leap from year one to year two. With great players like you know, Stephone Anthony, Hau'oli Kikaha, you've got Tyeler Davison, Bobby Richardson and now of course you've got Delvin Breaux.  I mean the amount of leap from year one to year two is going to be huge, not just film study but the game first and second down for these guys and that's what we'll be looking for, some key playmakers in our defense. 

How different will things be with Dennis Allen now as the guy as the coordinator and having now a full off-season to work through his system?

You know, that should definitely help. It always helps when you can get settled into one defense.  It's not like I have the best experience with any one defensive coordinator at this point.  Going into my sixth year, I've gone through four defensive coordinators now.  We'll just keep playing hard until we get somewhere we intended. 

I'll say this, Cam the last two seasons being both 7-9 campaigns, is it me or does this off-season or the start of this off-season feel a lot different than last year's?

Yeah, this year had some positive notes to it as far as young guys.  Young guys are already checking in, checking to see what can I do to get better already. It's definitely a huge change from last year, we had more veterans that are understanding what they're going to do.  It's a great thing to see people come in, get a phone call, say hey what do you start working on, what do we need to do.  It's going to be a change for sure and hopefully it will pay off. 

Cam I have to ask you about the Super Bowl this weekend, your unique perspective of not only playing against Carolina but probably knowing many on the Broncos side too.  What's the Cam Jordan preview of Super Bowl 50 look like?

I mean, it could be a great defensive battle.  Carolina's defense has been playing lights out the whole year led by Luke Kuechly and T.D. (Thomas Davis).  The defensive line has been active this entire year as well as the secondary playing pretty well.  That being said, you know Broncos have been doing the same thing.  You've got two great edge defenders in DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller.  You've got a great running back in C.J. Anderson in the backfield with Peyton Manning.  That being said, I hope they both lose.  I hope they tie, they both lose and we don't have a Super Bowl winner, if that's possible.   

Everybody has been trying to put into words what it's like to deal with Cam Newton.  I spoke to Delvin about this the other day, maybe you are even more qualified.  When you look at what kind of a quarterback he is and the challenges he presents, please help fans understand what it's like from a player's standpoint to deal with him and what the Broncos are up against.

You always have to be aware containing Cam.  Not only contain but he also moves well between the guards.  It's phenomenal play for Cam.  He's playing an electrifying game every game.  Most games are close, like these last couple games.  When games are close, what he does to separate is he makes those big plays when it counts the most.  I mean the ball funnels through him, he's the quarterback and with that being said, he's a quarterback that's also 6'5"-6'6", 250-260 pounds and he can make plays, he extends plays, he can throw down field.  He does it all for the Carolina offense and it's going to be tough for Denver to contain that.  That being said, they do have Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware.  That will be a good one. 

You like to have fun, as much fun as the next guy.  You have a big personality so does Cam Newton.  Do you find yourself frustrated by his theatrics perhaps or do you say, 'hey that's a part of our game and that's just fine?'

It's definitely part of our game and I have no problem with it. 

So it's just a matter of stopping him?

Without a doubt.  A few positives from that game was he didn't get into our end zone.  There was a chance on one play and we had one of our linebackers come over the top.  What I should have said, concussion protocol should have taken over.

Well you've got your young family with you.  I'm hoping you have big plans this off-season.  Anything cool on your docket?

 We're just going to play it by ear. We're up in the bay now, went out to Berkley and got here yesterday from Hawaii.  We'll just keep rolling.   Somewhere in there we'll probably go to Denver for a period and we'll just have a great time. 

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