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Q&A with Arizona Cardinals Coach Bruce Arians

Arians held conference call with New Orleans media Wednesday morning

Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What do you think has held this Saints offense back the past two weeks?
"Just missed opportunities you know, protection here guys are open and it takes all 11 guys on the same play very similar to ours you know. I think it's just a matter of execution by all 11 guys."

What do you think has hindered your offense?
"It's protection, if we protect we didn't get open or we just missed the throw or we got guys open and didn't protect."

What have you seen out of this Saints defense?
"Yeah, they're getting really good pressure. Doing a good job against the run and then Dennis (Allen) is applying a lot of pressure with the safeties and blitzing and it's a really nice package."

How do you keep your guys focused these last three games?
"We have a way of doing business and if a guy here or there and it's not as much effort as it is execution. I don't think we've ever had any guys loafing in any stretch. It's just making plays that are there. (We) missed too many tackles last week."

What is it like coaching a duel threat back like David Johnson?
"Yeah he's special, he's earning all this praise. I was very fortunate to be around Marshall Faulk and Edgerrin James. Guys that were similar to him and it's fun to coach them because they're like a toy you can just do so many things and keep (changing). (They're like) transformers you can change them any way you want."

What about David Johnson makes him standout like those two running backs you mentioned?
"He has the same abilities. Marshall (Faulk) was extremely bright, one of the brightest players I've ever been around and understood the passing game. Marshall could have been a number one wide receiver, but he also was very patient and a very explosive runner. Edge (Edgerrin James) had great hands, not as much as that wide receiver, but you could put him out there and get him the ball in space, but he pounds you and he was going to get his hundred yards."

What kind of challenge or burden is that when a player hears such a comparison or is that something David relishes?
"I think David is such a mature young man and works so hard it, puts a smile on his face that somebody would think that much of him and he continues to work and strive to be one of those type of guys."

Did you see that comparison in the draft process or has it just been because of his success in the league?
"You hope when you're drafting you always say oh he reminds of this guy or he reminds me of that guy, but until you get him and you know the maturity level and their availability (you aren't sure). Do they get hurt or not? Will they develop into that type of player and so far he has? He still has a long way to go."

Any update to Tyrann Mathieu status for this weekend?
"We'll see how he does at practice today and see how the shoulder feels."

Have you talked to him (Tyrann Mathieu) about the difficulties seeing what's going on in his hometown?
"No, everybody is aware of the tragedies all over the country Chicago, New Orleans, every city has their problems right now, but no I have not talked to him individually."

Why is Larry Fitzgerald still the Larry we have known so long?
"He is a warrior. He just loves to play and he competes at a very high level and he still has great hands."

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