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Q&A: Sean Payton's Wednesday Conference Call

Transcript of Coach Sean Payton's Wednesday conference call with local media

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Do you see progression in the defense the last few games?
"I have. It's twofold, we've been able to reduce our snaps and possess the ball a little bit more efficiently offensively and then we've been able to get off the field on third down a little bit more efficiently."

Are there any moments from last year when you started 0-3 and won three of four a couple times last season. Is there anything from then that you look to share to keep things moving in the right direction?
"I can't even remember last year. Honestly, each season's difference. We just finished talking about currently where we are at, but it's a quick turnaround and here we go. There are a lot of different faces in this room. I don't know that I've drawn any comparisons from a year ago. Certainly our focus is coming off that Seattle game and then transitioning into the type of team we're going to play here out in San Francisco."

Can you talk about the acquisitions of Nate Stupar and Craig Robertson? At the time you said you were looking for them to help in the kicking game as well as defense and as it turns out both of them have played significant roles on defense.
"I think a lot. They're playing, they're starting now. Things change a little bit for you as you go. I remember the discussion clearly. The thing that was encouraging was both of them had games under their belt. We'd seen them play on defense and certainly we've seen their snaps in the kicking game. They're doing well and have made that adjustment."

Did Wil Lutz get the game ball this time, as he was just named NFC Special Teams Player of the Week for the second time in three weeks?
"Wil got the special teams game ball, yes."

Does it seem to you that Andrus Peat is coming into his own at the left guard position, despite being banged up a little?
"He's doing well. He's powerful. He had I think a real good game the other day. There are still some nuances to the position, but you see toughness, pancake blocks, you see him finish. He's extremely athletic. We're excited for his progress and see him settle in and play like he's been."

What differences have you seen in Colin Kaepernick's game the last two years?
"It's just a small sample size this year relative to what we've seen before so it's hard to make a comparison, but I do know he has real good arm strength. I know he's a winner, a guy that's being used to be successful. He'll have a pretty good command of that offense, certainly a threat as a runner."

Is the challenge he presents as a runner a little bit unique?
"Yes, it's unique in that what might be three yards for another quarterback can be 28 yards for him. You have a handful of players in this league with this versatility. That's one of them."

You say you don't point to last year specifically, do you share anything or have you learned anything from that it seems like it takes a lot of energy to get back to .500?
"I don't know. It takes energy every year and each week to get ready. You're grinding and drinking a lot of coffee, all of those things. But I don't clump them all together like that. If I did then we'd kind of know the outcome or the endgame."

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