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Q&A: Sean Payton's Monday Conference Call

Audio and quotes from Sean Payton's Monday conference call with local media

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, November 14, 2016

When you watched the film, what did you see out of Cameron Jordan?
"I thought he played exceptionally well. It was probably one of his best games of the year. The pressure was significant and I think it really helped us in a lot of ways, coverage-wise and obviously with some of the sudden changes we had."

Overall, how did you think the team played defensively? The Denver offense had about 39 minutes of ball possession and the defense played about 80-plus snaps; how concerned are you about recovery for a short week?
"The last few weeks it has been flipped, the time of possession, for us. San Francisco, even in Kansas City (and) Seattle was slanted the other way heavy on offense and lighter on defense. Part of that was a little bit of a reflection of our third down numbers in the early part of the game offensively. I think the challenge for both clubs any time you are in a short week is getting the recovery, getting the mental part of the game plan and then getting ready to go again here in a very short period of time."

Did you have any issues with any of the calls on that blocked PAT and the defensive two-point conversion?
"I think the timing in which he hits it was clean. Obviously, you can't see a clear enough picture on the sideline or it appears that you can't. I know there are a handful of pictures after the fact but it's kind of what I thought it was after the game."

What about that technique of pushing down on the long snapper's helmet?
"You are not allowed to pull him down and I don't see a strong push down. We've just got to be better in that situation of recognizing a jumper and being able to see it. It is an easy penalty to draw if you just come up at all. Watching that, it didn't look to be anything egregious."

Should the National Football League revisit the use of fixed cameras on the boundary line in your opinion?
"Well, it was a subject last offseason. The technology exists right now for the ball crossing the plane of the goal line. The group that does all of our player tracking can do that right now. I'm sure at some point we'll have those angles you look for. I'll be honest with you, it's 12:25 in the afternoon here on Monday and we're well into the Carolina game and well past the game we just played. I know that you guys are wanting to ask questions about the game we just played but that's where we are at."

Have you gotten an update from the league on Kenny Vaccaro's status?
"No, no updates."

You guys have had struggles defensively on third down-and-longer; why is that and how is that different than third-and-short?
"You look at those numbers sometimes and pay attention to them because sometimes the quarterback breaks the pocket and then it becomes a different type of play. I think the same thing exists offensively. I think every once in a while you look at your third down numbers and be it they're real good, you look at one situation and you say, these numbers tell us we're better off offensively being third-and-seven-to-10 than third-and-four-to-six. I think you look closely in your coverage. You look at your rush plan. You really want to pay attention to the tape because sometimes they'll be some plays that maybe are a little bit of an anomaly."

Was there something you saw yesterday that allowed them to do that? I think they had six conversions where they were third-and-seven or longer.
"They made plays down the field obviously. They extended a few plays. But I thought, by and large, that defensively we did a real good job."

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