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Q&A: Sean Payton on ESPN's NFL Insiders

Sean Payton spoke with ESPN’s Suzy Kolber on Sunday

Sean Payton spoke with Suzy Kolber on ESPN's "NFL Insiders" show at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis Sunday afternoon. Below are quotes from the interview:

On if defense is the focus for the Saints in the draft:
"For us as coaches, it's our first exposure to most of these players but the scouts have seen these guys for the better part of a year. There appears to be some depth at certain positions and that's a good thing."

On what he gets out of the NFL Combine:
"You are evaluating a lot. The workout itself, how they handle themselves in their position group and how they compete. The interview process has gotten more specific. You receive 15 minutes and the air horn blows and very quickly we try to get to a football discussion and really measure how quicky they learn. Are they a really good learner? Are they an average learner? Or is it potentially a fatal flaw."

On how he would describe an impressive Combine interview:
"There have been a number of guys where five minutes into the interview you already have an idea of the makeup and it's like 'you can leave now' because it was so good.

"Who we interview is not a huge secret. What we try to do is catch the seniors at the Senior Bowl if they are available. If we are able to do that, then we can focus a little bit more on the juniors that are here. You are given a limited number of interviews (at the Combine) and then the last step would be bringing a player to New Orleans prior to the draft for an overnight stay."

On the possibility of restructuring Drew Brees' contract:
"I think this specific topic with Drew will work itself out pretty cleanly. I know Mickey (Loomis) has already spoken to Drew. I am sure there will be an extension to some degree. It's not one of those things that I am thinking about daily because I have confidence in both sides getting that done."

On the foundation of the Saints roster:
"Time will tell but hopefully this past draft class has the makeup that we are looking for. The whole time that we have been here, we are going into our 11th season, it's really been a point of emphasis to try to find team guys, find guys that fit the makeup that we are looking for our team. Every year, one of the exciting things about the draft is not just the name players but a class in general that comes into your team, effects your team and the chemistry of the team. We have to find a way to win some of those closer games."

On the status of Marques Colston:
"Nothing has happened yet. We have talked. He is someone I am extremely close to…Jahri Evans too. Those guys were all in our initial 2006 Draft class. They epitomized what we are looking for. Those guys were leaders, great players and very consistent. Whether they choose to continue to play, I am sure they will have success. When the time comes that they are no longer playing, they are guys I am betting on that they will be successful (in whatever they do)."

On the perception that this year's wide receiver draft class is slower than usual:
"I'm anxious to see the tapes on a few of these guys. I think it has a chance to be a pretty good wide receiver class. I think, with regards to the Julio Jones', or that elite, top-level player that has the height, weight, speed characteristics, I don't know that that player exists in this draft. I wouldn't say this is a draft that five years from now we aren't going to see receiver success. I would say there will probably a handful of good players."

Photos from Saturday and Sunday at the 2016 NFL Combine.

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