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Q & A: Dennis Allen's Conference Call - November 4

Audio and quotes from Dennis Allen's Friday conference call

New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Friday, November 4, 2016

What kind of problems does Colin Kaepernick present as a runner?
"He presents a lot of problems as a runner, look this guy is a quarterback that's led his team to a Super Bowl. We obviously understand what type of talent he is and what he is capable of doing. I think anytime you play a guy that has the ability to extend plays out of the pocket, that has the ability to get out on the edge and really stretch the defense it presents a lot of problems because you get guys out and have good coverage and are in good position and then the next thing you know the quarterback is out and running. You have to be careful as to how much zone you play or how much man you play and being able to have vision on this guy when he does begin to scramble around."

How much confidence does the defense have knowing that you have faced in the last three weeks Can Newton, Alex Smith and even Russell Wilson?
"I think the biggest advantage that we have, if you want to call it an advantage, is that we had to kind of practice some of those scheme type of runs that we are going to see versus San Francisco or that we expect to see versus San Francisco. I do not know that with Cam (Newton) and Russell Wilson if we saw the fully athletic guy that probably they have been before in the past because when we faced them when they were coming off of different injuries or whatever the case may be. I think Alex Smith was probably the guy that ran around the most on us and you saw he had some success being able to scramble around, so that has certainly been a focus of ours this week and certainly been something that we tried to pay close attention too."

What kind of message did you give the defense so you do start off fast on the road?
"I think the biggest thing for us is it's not anything that you are going to do on game day. It is more about what you're going to do during the week and your preparation and understand what type of offense we're going to face, what challenges we face with this offense and be able to anticipate the types of things that you're going to see, really I think it's more about what you do during the week and how you prepare, regardless of where you play the game. I don't think that really matter. I think it's more about your preparation and getting ready to play an opponent."

How similar is this Chip Kelly offense to the one you played last year in Philadelphia?
"I think it is very similar. I think you are seeing a lot of the same plays. Probably the biggest difference is that they have the ability, with all of the quarterbacks that they have on the roster, to threaten you with a quarterback run. That is obviously something that you weren't as concerned about them being able to do with Sam Bradford as the quarterback. I think it adds an extra dimension to what they can do offensively, (which) really challenges you with defensively maintaining your responsibility, maintaining your eye discipline and making sure you're in the right spots."

What do you do to combat their pace?
"It is obviously a challenge because you don't see that every week. I think the biggest key is being able to create some short possessions where we are able to create some three-and-outs or we are able to get off the field when we get the opportunity. I think that is one of the biggest things that we have stressed this week is trying to win the early down efficiency, create some third-and-longer situations and then when we do get them in those situations, we got to be able to convert and get off the field."

How much of that determines whether you open the game with a three safety look or three cornerbacks?
"I think we're going to pay close attention to what they are doing offensively (and) what type of personnel they're coming out with. Obviously, with them coming off of a bye week, they have had a lot of time to study what they have done. They've also got two games under their belt with Colin Kaepernick as the quarterback, and really got a good understanding of what he does really well and maybe some of the things that he doesn't do quite as well. We certainly expect that we are going to get some different looks from them. We'll just have to see what happens as the game progresses. Obviously, with that type of tempo it is important for us to be able to come out and execute and be able to start fast."

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