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Payton Post Practice August 20

            <span style="">Opening Statement:</span>

"One quick injury update: we're having Jammal Brown looked at. He has some pain in his upper groin area and he's flying to Philadelphia to have Dr. Meyers give him an exam and see if we get to the bottom of it. It's something that has been troubling him a little bit; yesterday it flared up and he wasn't at practice this morning. This afternoon's practice will be indoors and separate and we'll get ready for Saturday's game."

Is Jammal out of Saturday night's game?

"I think he would be right now. As soon as I know more in regards to the feedback we get from Philly, I'll pass it along."

What is your reaction to the fights on the practice field this morning?

"There were a couple on both fields but I don't think it was anything significant."

Is that something you expect when you go up against another team in practice? Is it indicative of the attitude of this defense?

"When you practice against somebody like we have for the second day now and it's hot, tempers get flared up a little bit. It happened twice on both fields and both teams handled it well and got back to playing."

Does it concern you when your starting tight end is involved in the fight?

"No, it's just what I said. Regardless of position, it was just guys getting a little frustrated on both sides of the ball. Nothing serious."

How tight is the competition between Lynell Hamilton/Skyler Green.aspx">Skyler Green and Courtney Roby for the kick returner spot?

"It's not just those two players. Both of those guys are competing for a roster spot and it would have to include being a returner, yet that doesn't mean that one or the other is going to make the team. It's pretty competitive for those players who are having to play defense or offense as well as the kicking game."

What did it mean to have Drew Brees back today?

"It was great to have him back. He means a lot and obviously he's one of the leaders of this team. A lot functions around him offensively so it was significant."

How did the offensive line look in practice?

"I think he did pretty good. We're nicked up a little bit with Zach Strief, Jammal Brown, Tim Duckworth – there were three guys that weren't able to practice so these young guys are getting a lot of reps. Jermon Bushrod got a lot of work today and it was a good experience for him."

Is the concern with Jammal a sports hernia?

"That's what he's being examined for. We'll wait and see and get some feedback. He's having the exam later this afternoon after flying out this morning."

What was your overall take on the three practices with the Texans?

"I thought it was good work. I just talked to Gary (Kubiak) as we were finishing practice. We get so much because you get different looks and it changes the routine. For the players, that's most important because this is the hard part of training camp, the latter part of it. To try to keep the focus and the edge becomes a little easier when you're going against someone else; you can't really let up and try to just glide through practice. You have to get ready and that's what I like about it."

Usama Young was working with the first-team defense today. Is that something he'll be doing more often?

"We're going to continue to work him into that group. He's doing real well and he's pushing. That's a good competition right now."

How is Chris Reis doing?

"He's battling and you're going to see him in and out of the lineup. He's doing well, so we have good competition there. We'll try to get all of those guys work on Saturday."

With Malcolm Jenkins/Chip Vaughn.aspx">Chip Vaughn out, is Reis working at both safety positions?

"He's flexible enough to work both positions, but primarily we have him at strong now."

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