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Payton Post Practice Aug 25


Opening Statement: Tracy Porter/Billy Miller.aspx">Billy Miller practiced on a limited basis. He's still working through it but he's out there and needs to get his strength back now. Out is Stanley Arnoux, Jammal Brown, Reggie Bush took the walk through and then we held him in the team. We'll see where he's at tomorrow. Anthony Davis was out. Darnell Dinkins was out. Charles Grant took in some of the walk through and part of team. It was good to get him back and get some reps. Anthony Hargrove/Joey Harrington.aspx">Joey Harrington and Darren Sharper, just the beginning part of practice and we held them and then Malcolm Jenkins/Chip Vaughn.aspx">Chip Vaughn and D'Juan Woods were out.

Q: Can you talk about how Miller has stuck around here and been a productive player?

A: We got him a few years ago in one of those rookie camp tryouts. He came in on a workout and had done enough where we kept looking at him. He has been someone that we've relied on in the passing game. He's hobbling through this injury right now, but is someone that knows what we're trying to do and has a pretty good feel for the passing game. I think that would be strength. That's been one of the things he's been able to give us.

Q: How long will the starters go?

A: I want to give them a full half and then see where they're at in the third quarter and give them some reps out of the locker room.

Q: Will you scale things back in the fourth game?

A: Yes.

Q: Has Usama Young come along the way you want at safety?
A: He's pushing hard. He's doing a good job. He has had a real good spring. He had one of the best springs of these younger players. He's pushing hard for that position.

Q: Can you explain the decision-making process that went towards moving him?

A: I think there were a number of things that played into it. Our depth at corner when we made the move and our feeling of thinking that he would have a chance to compete, but he's handled that transition well and has gotten better all throughout the spring and we're encouraged by what we see now.

Q: What is the biggest aspect of the transition?

A: When you're at safety, you're dealing with the whole field, right and left calls. When you're at corner there's a little bit less of a variation. Oftentimes the single matchup. At safety you're dealing with the whole picture rather than half the picture.

Q: Is Lance Moore not as far behind from his injury as he could be because he has been able to get some limited work in as well as work with Drew Brees?

A: There's a conditioning aspect we have to make sure he's ready for. I think he's ready. He'll play this weekend.

Q: How tight is the punting competition?

A: It's ongoing so we'll see. Right now you'd like to see both of those guys be a little bit more consistent as you look at the numbers.

Q: What are you trying to accomplish with this third exhibition game?

A: With the third game, we typically play our starters probably the most of all four games. Number one, you want to make sure we're getting those guys ready for the start of the regular season. Secondly we're involved heavily in the evaluation process making sure you have the right guys. It puts you a week away from your final cutdown.

Q: Do you put anymore weight on that game in what you're trying to accomplish than the second game?

A: No, I think it's one part of the four.

Q: Are you getting to a point where you might modify the defensive line rotation based on the impending suspensions of Charles Grant and Will Smith?

A: Yes. I think so. With Charles' injury that's kind of happened to degree with the reps in Houston, the game, out here. I think the thing about it is those guys are getting plenty of snaps. We're not concerned with getting the needed reps for the guys who are going to play early in the season. We are getting those reps.

Q: Are there any anecdotal stories on Anthony Waters coming into camp?

A: No. He's a guy that was waived, we had some grades on him and wanted to take a look at him. He's come in and participated fully in all the things offseason and in training camp. He's battling like a lot of these other guys for a spot. For him it's as much linebacker as it is special teams, but nothing that stands out.

Q: Can you talk about the importance of Mike Bell's performance in the game and his long run?

A: It was a good run. More than that one, he had a number of runs and I thought we blocked for him pretty well.

Q: Was it encouraging that he followed his blocks well, and showed some speed in getting to the perimeter in the run?

A: He runs hard. He's a physical player. I think he's had a real good offseason and camp. I'm encouraged. He's in good shape and his weight is where we want it to be. He runs with a pad level, sometimes upright, but nonetheless, certainly downhill. I was pleased for him. He's done real well.

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