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Patten Speaks to JPD Players


NFL players know from experience the kind of commitment and hard work it takes to become successful. That was the message Saints wide receiver David Patten emphasized to young football players when he visited Pelican Park on Monday as part of the Saints Junior Player Development Program.

Patten told the kids the secret to his and every other NFL players' dreams of playing pro football coming true is developing a strong work ethic.

"No one in the NFL works harder than I do," said Patten. "There might be bigger, stronger or faster guys, but no one outworks me as a football player. That's why I've played in the NFL for so long," he added.

Patten also touched on the topic of sportsmanship. He instilled the belief of fair play, respect and honesty into the young, aspiring athletes.

The JPD program, which provides football instruction for kids aged 12 to 15 years, introduces every position to participants during a five-week period. Players are coached how to play each spot during the first couple of weeks, while the second stage focuses on sharpening skills and instructs how different positions work together as a team.

The program is hosted at two sites, Mandeville and Baton Rouge. Click here for more information on JPD Programs.

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