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Patrick Embraces Role with Saints

Louisville DB taken with the No. 88 pick by New Orleans

New Orleans Saints CB Johnny PatrickConference Call With New Orleans MediaFriday, April 29, 2011

(On his special teams experience)
"I have a lot of special teams experience. I have been playing special teams ever since I have been at Louisville, since my freshman year. I was on special teams even as a starter. I play a lot of special teams."
(On his playing attitude)

"You've got to be arrogant. You have got to be confident. You have to be a shutdown corner at corner. Everything that happened in the past, if you don't like a play, you go to the next. I feel good about that."

(On being surprised about being drafted by the Saints)
"I wasn't that surprised. I had a good relationship with one of the scouts that is with the Saints. I am just excited to be a Saint. A playoff team, a great organization. I am so glad they gave me a chance. I am just ready to get there and play some football."

(On Gregg Williams)
"(I don't know) too much about him. I know that the Saints are a great organization. The only thing I can think about right now is that I am excited to be a Saint."

(On his past arrest and clearing up character questions)
"I had an arrest last year. It was something that I put myself in a situation and I had to get myself out of it. I tried to do the best thing by calling the police to get myself out of that situation. It didn't go my way and it was just a lesson learned. It was something that I will never fall back on again in my life. It was a situation I didn't see myself getting in to. I guarantee it won't happen again."

(On being the MVP of the Bowl game Louisville played in)
"It was a big honor. For my team after three years without even going to a bowl game. (I was) just trying to take that leadership role with the team to get the young guys to get a tradition to start now. To be the MVP of the Beef O'Brady's Bowl was a big honor for me. I felt great about it and I gave my respect to the guys that give out that (award)."

(On interviewing with the Saints before the draft)
"I interviewed with the Saints at the combine. It was a good meeting. I felt good about it. I had a good relationship with the scout. I cant honestly remember his name because I met so many different teams at the scouting combine, a lot of things were going on. I had a good interview with the scout for the Saints. I felt good about that meeting."

(On questions that the scout asked)
"A lot of questions about my character issues. I wanted to address that because I am not that kind of person in character. I am glad that the Saints gave me the opportunity to prove that. I am glad that they picked me today. I am very excited."

(On other teams that he interviewed with)
"I interviewed with a lot of teams. The Dallas Cowboys, the Cleveland Browns, the (New England) Patriots, and Oakland (Raiders) showed a lot of interest. Atlanta (Falcons). There were a few teams. I was shocked to see that they passed on me. I knew the Saints were up there and I knew the Saints had a lot of interest in me. I am excited to be a New Orleans Saint. I can't wait to get there."

(On his role with the team)
"They haven't talked about it. (There might) be a situation in which I might be a nickel back or a special teams player. I'm going to do anything I can. If they need me to play offensive tackle, I will play offensive tackle. I don't care."

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