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Pablo Pato named Saints/Chevron Teacher of the Week during Falcons game

Pablo Pato currently teaches at Geraldine Boudreaux Elementary School

Chevron and the Saints wil continue to show their commitment to the development and education of our children by recognizing Teacher of the Week Pablo Pato. In his 10th year as an educator, Pato currently teaches Spanish immersion for second and third grade students at Geraldine Boudreaux Elementary School.

Pato was thrilled to be selected as Saints/Chevron Teacher of the Week.

"Being selected as a Chevron/Saints Teacher of the Week has been such an amazing and unforgettable experience," Pato said. "I've been a Saints fan and became an even bigger fan since I came to New Orleans.  I love the city and its culture.  Receiving this honor has been an A lifetime experience!"

Pato looked at this honor as a bonding experience with his students.

"This is another way my students can learn more about me.  The more the students know about you, the more they trust you… and I always set positive expectations for my students, encourage them to participate, have good classroom management and use data to design lessons for student growth."

Pato earned his Master's Degree in Education from the University of Ovideo in his hometown in northern Spain.

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