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Nuggets from Mickey Loomis interview on "SiriusXM NFL Radio"

Loomis spoke about Drew Brees, Dan Campbell, Saints tight ends and wide receivers in an interview Tuesday night

New Orleans Saints Executive Vice President/General Manager Mickey Loomis was a guest on "SiriusXM NFL Radio" with Alex Marvez and Bill Polian Tuesday night. Below are some highlights from the interview:

On if the Saints feel need to restructure/extend Drew Brees' contract to help with the salary cap:
"It's not mandatory that we do something with Drew, but we'll discuss it. I've talked to Drew a couple of times. I haven't talked to (his agent) Tom (Condon) yet. Look, that's not as much for cap as it is for we want Drew to be our quarterback this year, next year, and the foreseeable future. I know he feels like he has more years left in him and we feel that way as well. Drew Brees is going to be our quarterback this year and the foreseeable future. We'll get that worked out in a way that helps our team and fits in with what he wants to do."

On what Assistant Head Coach/Tight Ends Dan Campbell brings to the New Orleans Saints staff:
"He brings a toughness and a demeanor about him that permeates the building. I think that's been true wherever he has been as a player and a coach. He's a smart football man. He'll help us in the run game and with the tight ends. We have some young tight ends along with Benjamin Watson, so we have a good mix there at that position. I am really looking forward to working with Dan and having him on our staff."

On the New Orleans Saints young tight ends:
"Josh Hill is a guy that's been in our building a while now. He's got talent, he's been (productive) for a couple years, he's kind of been in the background behind Jimmy Graham when he was here and Benjamin last year as well. He's got a lot of talent. I know this - he's a versatile tight end in that he can help us in the pass game and the run game. We are excited about him."

"We've got another young guy, Jack Tabb, that was a college free agent for us. He was doing some really good things in training camp and he was injured. We got a couple other prospects that we'll see how it goes. And look, we're hoping to add a few in free agency and the draft."

On Drew Brees last season:
"I don't know that he was ever quite right healthwise. I think it begins with that. I know he worked hard. He had a significant injury. He worked hard at it, his rehab was going along pretty well, we felt good about him in training camp and yet during the course of the season it was never quite right. I think we will see the real C.J. Spiller and we will be able to give him a lot of opportunities to get back to player that he was this season. We are looking for some good things from him. He's a special player when he is right."

On New Orleans Saints wide receivers:
"Marques (Colston) has meant so much to our franchise the last 10 years. Just steady, great leadership, he's just been fantastic."

"Drew Brees we drafted in the first round a couple years ago and he's been what we expected. He's a dynamic player that can take the top off the defense and he'll continue to do that."

"Brandon Coleman who is a big guy out of Rutgers that has done some good things and I think in many ways is the heir apparent to Marques."

"Willie Snead was on our practice squad a year ago. He played his collegiate football at Ball State. He was just a few yards short of a 1,000 yards last season. He's really smart and an instinctive player."

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