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Noah Spence: 'Everyone loves the game, loves their teammates and that's the cultural mindset.'

Spence returns to New Orleans after closing the 2019 campaign with the Saints

New Orleans Saints Defensive End Noah Spence
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Tuesday, March 24, 2020

What made the Saints attractive to come back for this upcoming season?
"I guess I was just really attracted to the culture of the program. I have never been somewhere that was run and just felt the way it did over there. You can tell everybody wants to win and is not just there for just for money or anything like that. Everybody actually really loves the game, they love it there and it's a culture everybody wants to be in if they've seen it."

Does it surprise you about the culture of the organization considering you were only there a month?
"Yeah, I mean it was always something that other people that I know from the league would tell me. But I mean, until you are in the building, you don't really know what they're talking about. You can tell me whatever, but as soon as you're there you see it's run real strategic and everything to point and everyone's getting better every day, just with the littlest details and teaching everything. That is a big difference."

What do you feel in terms of your sense of opportunity to play for this team?
"I feel like I just come in and try my best to get into the rotation and help the team with anything, even when it comes to special teams and I'm just coming in to play wherever they want me to be."

When you heard around the league from other players about the organization how many guys had you spoken to or did they speak to you after you signed with the organization?
"They spoke to me and I talked to them before I got there and it wasn't ever really like, oh, you should definitely go there. But it was just explaining how they had a different organization and I never really took it as, okay, well maybe I would be playing there one day and then when I got here and I was like, 'this is really more than what anybody would ever say.' Everything's run differently, there's a lot of love in the building. Everyone loves the game, loves their teammates and that's the cultural mindset."

What are you hoping to kind of do to get back on track and get back to where you're playing regularly?
"For me it's honestly just learning to get back all the way focused, sometimes when you are younger and going through things in the NFL off the field (and) stuff like that, you lose your focus and I just have to get back to being locked in all the way on my goals and that's going to help me to win."

What are your thoughts on the additions the Saints have made in free agency?
"I mean, I'm not a GM or anything like that (laughter), but I'm pretty sure they have a method to everything they do. Everything's good."

With Cam Jordan and majority of the defensive line coming back how does that help you?
"People like Cam and the rest of the D-line (are great). I was only there for like a month and they treated me like family. They were teaching me things that I never really learned anywhere else and just bringing me under their wing and trying to make me the best player that can be. So, yes, that was definitely an attraction."

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