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No Peace Around Reis

    <span>              <span style="">New Orleans Saints second-year safety Chris Reis was one of the team's top special teams performers in 2007. The former Georgia Tech star has traveled the long road to the NFL and is looking to continue to build on the success he had in 2007. caught up with Reis after he turned in another impressive performance during practice this morning.</span>                 
            <span style="">Q. How did you feel about how the defense came out strong in today's practice?</span>                  

A. Yeah we did. We had a really great practice today. We need to get better in the red zone, but we did have some picks out there. This afternoon we need to go out there and maintain that intensity.

Q. You were a first team All-NFL Europe in the spring of 2007. Tell us about that experience and how did it help you with your career?

A. Well NFL Europe definitely helped my career. It was great to experience a different culture, different foods, and just the atmosphere of playing over there. It gave me a great opportunity to develop my skills and be in football-form by the time I was able to come back here and rejoin the team. The speed of the game over there is very similar to the NFL. Obviously in the NFL everyone can run, hit and catch. In NFL Europe, everyone can do the same things, it's just a higher speed and caliber here in the NFL. A lot of the NFL Europe guys came over here and joined teams.

Q. You were a wide receiver in high school and an Outside Linebacker at Georgia Tech. How did the experiences at those positions help you to playing safety in the NFL?

A. Playing wide receiver in high school definitely helped me hone in on my ball handling skills and catching the ball. It also was great for being able to read defenses and also to be able to break on balls. At Georgia Tech, playing linebacker was something that I wasn't used to doing, but I had a blast at that. I was All-ACC, along with learning footwork, how to take on blocks even though I'm a small guy.

Q. How would you describe your style of play?

A. I'm definitely a big hitter and a coverage guy. I can do both. You never really want to define yourself and limit yourself to one thing. You want to stay well-rounded. My role is more of a tackler. I'm a go-getter, and aggressive kind of guy. I don't shy away from anything, no matter how big the guy is. I'm more of a down-hill player that's just looking to hit somebody.

Q. You have all ready made an impact on special teams, ranking fourth on the team last year with 13 tackles. What does it take to be a core Special Team's player and how valuable are players such as you to the Saints?

A. Everyone needs role players and you have to know your position on this team. Right now I'm a special team's player on this team. I will continue to contribute in that kind of way. You need those kinds of players, the role players. You need those core special teams players that are always on the field and giving their all on every down. Special teams is sometimes overlooked. I know my role, and that's an important thing. I don't think any player should kid themselves. Right now my role is playing on special teams. Who knows what it might be in the future? I feel like I'm very valuable to this team and I add a lot.

Q. What's a hobby that you have outside of football?

A. I don't really have many hobbies. I don't have a lot of time to do them. I have two dogs at home I just love playing with and taking them to dog parks. Other than that, just relaxing. You don't really get a lot of down time. I guess my hobby is relaxing.

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