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Saints quarterback Drew Brees postgame quotes after week 13 win over Atlanta Falcons

Get postgame reactions from New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees

On winning three NFC titles in row:
"It's tough to do on any given year. Each year is different, each one is new but three NFC South Championships in a row and this one being the earliest we've been able to secure it, on Thanksgiving. It says a lot about our organization from ownership down, the culture they created and the guys they have gone out and gotten through the draft, free agency, the guys that we've developed and just the team that we have. We play in a tough division, it's a lot of great teams out there. I think our objective and the way we approach work and our process each and every year is to put the best team together that we can and continue to build that foundation and that culture. I think you see the results of that when we play."

On not playing their best yet:
"There's still a lot to be desired. I think offensively especially. I feel like there are a lot of opportunities out there. We have to be able to consistently put drives together, make big plays when we have the chance and just be more complimentary all the way around."

On being optimistic:
"Yeah, we'll continue to work and tread forward."

On making it to the Super Bowl:
"This was objective No. 1 obviously, winning the division. You know our mindset, the guys we have and just kind of how we progressed each and every year. We've got bigger fish to fry so to speak but have a list of goals and objectives. We just want to knock them down one by one, but at the end of the day, let's just keep it simple right now. Let's just focus on playing our best football. I still think it's out there on both sides of the ball. If we continue to do that and do better each week, we'll see what happens."

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